Report: 83% of Refugee “Children” Entering Sweden are Actually Adults

In October 2015 1,200 migrants with beards entered Stockholm, Sweden in a single day claiming to be “refugee children.”

The insane refugee policies in Europe demands that all “children” automatically get their asylum application fast tracked and cleared.

Now this…
83% of the refugee “children” entering Sweden are actually adults.
83% !

They grow up so fast!
Fria Tider reported(translated):

The most recent figures from the National Board of Medicines show that over 83 percent of so-called single-born refugee children who are age-tested are actually adults. It is about 93 asylum seekers of female sex and 3,322 of male sex.

“Use these scams now for about SEK 6 billion. Continuing the scandal at this rate, landing the cost of about an Öresund bridge,” writes Hanif Bali on Twitter.

Since mid-March, the National Board of Medicines has conducted medical age assessments in asylum cases. Now the statistics have been presented until 31 August.

Of the forensic assessments so far issued, 146 asylum seekers are female (3.6 percent) and a total of 3,961 male male sexually-abused (96.4 percent) asylum seekers.

In 3,415 of 4,107 cases, the Swedish National Board of Medicine estimates that the survey conducted indicates that it is 18 years of age or older (93 asylum seekers of female sex and 3,322 of male sex).

That means that over 83 percent of them are actually adults.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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