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Refers to someone on the Left side of the political spectrum, such as a particularly liberal member of the American Democrat Party, a member of the British Labour Party, a progressive, socialist, Democratic Socialist, or (to the far Left) a Communist, Marxist, or Fascist. A Leftist supports collectivism, more government control of the economy, direct government control over social policy (although there were some leftists, such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, and Noam Chomsky who adhered to a purely anarchistic view of the world), including federal control over education at all levels, lower military spending, censorship of religion, a living constitution, same-sex “marriages”, a more unisex society, globalism, transnationalism, feminism, the homosexual agenda, anti-Semitism, racism, support for Islam, taxpayer-funded abortion, and censorship of Christianity and social media in the public arena. (Conservapedia)