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The largest country by area (17,075,200 square kilometers) and has the sixth largest population spanning from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia. Its capital is Moscow. Increasingly Christian and conservative, Russia opposes the homosexual agenda and is passing laws to reduce its numbers of abortion. Russia has for the most part repudiated its unsuccessful foray into communism/atheism, which harmed the nation from 1918-1991, although despite this, they retained a monument to the founder of Communism, Karl Marx on Teatralyana Square in Moscow. In 2015, Russia’s Ministry of Health signed an agreement with the Russian Orthodox Church to prevent abortion. The history stretches back over a thousand years, with rule by the Czars until communists took over the nation in 1917, and were subsequently overthrown in 1991. Russia was the largest constituent of the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the nation became known as the Russian Federation. Russia had an extensive empire built up over hundreds of years, almost all of which broke away in 1991. (See Conservapedia)