A Dozen Children in Evansville, IN Claimed to be Abused in Satanic Rituals at the Same Blue House after Being Taken from School, but Police are Denied Warrant; Case Closed

A banner-headline story in the Chicago Tribune on May 17, 1991, “A Chilling tale of child abuse no one can prove,” gave typical coverage of the debate over whether or not children are being abused by satanists:

“All nine children tell the same story, a grisly tale of being taken out of school and abused in a blue house. They name the same culprit, a school administrator who performs satanic rituals as part of his twisted routine.

And how could so many children, many of whom didn’t know one another, make up such a similar story? They said they were forced to participate in the killing of animals, that they were cut with knives, and that some of them were sexually abused. Their drawings depicted satanic symbols and people and animals being tortured.

Further, nearly all of them were interviewed by Rick Doninger, founder of a local chapter of a child abuse rescue network, who police believe may have asked leading questions-a charge Doninger denies.

Police said they wanted to search the house, but (Prosecutor Stanley) Levco said he could not in good conscience tell a judge he had probable cause to request a warrant.

But the children’s enraged parents believe them. A once-skeptical psychologist also thinks they are telling the truth.

Doninger is among the more vocal critics of the police and the prosecutor. He is joined by William Welborn, a lawyer, and his wife, Kathy, a paralegal. The Welborns were legal guardians of one young girl who claimed she was abused before being placed in their guardianship.

Susan Donaldson, a professor of psychology at the University of Southern Indiana who has interviewed all the children, agrees. Initially skeptical, she said that after interviewing all the children and seeing faint, nearly identical scars on their arms, she now believes them.

“Something happened to those children,“ she said. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

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David Carrico and Jon Pounders live in Evansville and break wide open the Satanic Ritual Abuse and the occult forces that drove this town to the brink of Hell. Join Kay, David and Jon as they discuss just how deep the demonic corruption has been, teachers, law enforcement, prosecuters, hospitals, etc. Tonight’s broadcast is of an adult nature and you may want to consider whether or not you want your children to hear this. It contains some graphic descriptions. Listen below (He begins discussing the case about 17 minutes into the video):

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