A U.S. Government Geo-engineering Document Discussing Weather Modification as a U.S. Military Weapon in Spite of Evidence of Related Diseases and Catastrophes

A US government document on Geo-engineering, 750 pages in length, from a congressional report shows government involvement in the climate. It documents 6 law enactments for weather modification in spite of documentation of increased cancer, emphysema, mental retardation, and many other diseases in high cloud seeding areas. Droughts and flooding, among other catastrophes, air pollution and poisoning of all living matter, and destroying of crops have all resulted in US cities from weather modification programs. Five states at this time had made themselves immune to liability from risk of geo-engineering. Excerpts below. Full document, here.

This has been going on for 30 years to the date of this document, so now it would be almost 70 years of modifying our weather for a variety of nefarious purposes. Summary below:

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