American Fashion Designer Kate Spade, who Worked with the Clinton Foundation, Found Dead in Mysterious Circumstances

( – There’s always a lot of chatter on the internet when celebrities die that their deaths were odd or suspicious. And when wealthy, powerful, or famous people die it often does accompany unusual circumstances, but these people do live unusual lives, after all.

As with anything on the internet, there’s a few compelling theories out there but there’s also a whole lot of nonsense, so most people probably don’t pay too much attention to theories of cover-ups or “sacrifices.”

But when someone connected to the Clintons dies, now that’s a whole other story.

Yet another Clinton cohort has turned up dead under mysterious circumstances, and while we are certainly asserting no claims here, but there are definitely a few pretty weird things going on here.

Kate Spade, a hugely successful handbag designer who worked with the Clinton Foundation, was found this week in her New York apartment where officials say she had taken her own life.

According to the Clinton Foundation Website, Spade was part of the No Ceilings Initiative and led delegations down to Haiti as recently as 2015.

I would not include the manner in which she died so except for the fact that it is vital to this story:

“A housekeeper found Spade hanged from a red scarf on a bedroom door at her Park Avenue residence Tuesday morning, law enforcement sources and officials say,” reported NBC New York.

It is, first of all, odd that they mention the color. Not damning, just…odd.

Especially when you take into account her husband, Andy Spade’s creepy Instagram account, which happens to include some very bizarre photos. He has a recent image of a red rope, pictures of what appear to be a close up of one of his wife’s eyes, a picture of a body, supposedly Kate, covered in a red scarf on an airplane, a bright red ribbon on, again, a woman who is most likely his wife although it is unclear.

Other red ribbons and red scarves appear in the very strange array of photos.


This is not all. Newspapers all said that Andy was home when the housekeeper found her, but Page Six reported that the two had been separated for ten months.

This was mentioned in an article covering the incredibly strange mask he was seen wearing when photographed by the paparazzi directly following Kate’s death.

It’s hard to not think something very weird is not afoot here.

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