Attorney Ted Strecker’s Report “This is a Bio-Attack Alert” is Published. He and the IL Rep trying to Publicize it Would Die Mysteriously 2 Years Later

In his report published March 28, 1986 entitled, “This is a Bio-Attack Alert,” attorney Ted Strecker researched this information with his brother Robert B. Strecker, MD, Ph.D. This report was sent to the president of the United States, senators and congressmen and many publishing officials, including medical journals. Let me give you some quotes from this report:

“I did not realize that the National Cancer Attack Act of 1971 would be used to research virus warfare, finance virus warfare and attack the United States of America. Daniel Greenberg outlines the attack’s beginning in DISCOVER, March 1986, on page 47 in an article, ‘Whatever Happened to the War on Cancer.’ He recalls that in 1971 President Nixon sought to preclude Senator Kennedy from running for president by cornering the health care field among other methods. He fails to mention that Stuart A. Abronson had just announced that he had altered mouse RNA tumor viruses to extend their range and to replicate efficiently in humans by culturing the tumor virus in human cells.” [1]

In the Strecker report, the following information is printed from Volume 47 of the bulletin of the World Health Organization, where A. C. Allison and others, including the WHO officials and the NIH bureaucrat make the following recommendations:

(1) A systematic evaluation of the effects of viruses on the immune functions should be undertaken. A number of viruses should be studied and a standard set of immune functions should be employed. Among the factors that deserve investigation are antigen types (e.g., thymus-dependant vs. non-thymus dependent), antigen dose, and the time relationship between infection and antigen administration.

(2) The effects of virus infections on different cell types (e.g., macrophages, T and B lymphocytes) should be studied in greater detail with morphological changes perhaps serving as an indication of functional alteration. Since differences in terminology often make it difficult to assess reports of pathological changes in lymphoid tissue, all modifications of the lymphoid organs should be described according to standardized criteria. Efforts at standardization are currently being supported by the World Health Organization.

(3) An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g., by depressing 7S vs. 19S antibody, or by affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function (Allison et al. 1972). The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens…” [2]

The Strecker brothers drew the following conclusion:

 “Thus, AIDS today is the disease of which the possibility of which was ‘to be looked into’ in 1972, because in AIDS the immune response to the virus is impaired when a portion of the cells responding to the viral antigens are the infected cells which are killed ‘lysed’ in virologists terms, by the viral antigen…” [3]

How was the study to be conducted in humans? The committee of the conference was sponsored by the John E. Fogerty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences and the World Health Organization. At that conference in a “histocompatibility” workshop, D.B. Amos of Duke University with other allegedly independent scientists and bureaucrats, who in fact were and are dependent upon United States government grants to further their research stated:

“In relation to the immune response, a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized. One would be a study of the relationship of HL-A type, to the immune response, both humoral and cellular; to well defined bacterial and viral antigens during preventive vaccinations. This approach would be particularly informative when applied to sibships.” [4]

Sibships means children of the same parents. The Strecker brothers then came to the following conclusion:

“Therefore, it is clear that the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health decided in 1970 to inject known viruses and bacteria into children of the same parents during allegedly preventative vaccinations to study HL-A type. Then in 1972, the WHO Bulletin changed the study to a study of viruses which cause a depression in the immune function.” [5]

I believe it is appropriate to let our readers know that two years after this report had been released to key leaders in the  United States, Ted Strecker was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri on August 11, 1988. The police ruled it suicide. Robert spoke with Ted the night before his death. He seemed cheerful – “in good spirits,” – looking forward to new developments that promised progress. The following day he was found dead. His 22-caliber rifle lay next to him. He left no note, no message, and he said no goodbyes. This was very untypical of him. On September 22, 1988 Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home; dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin. Huff had been working hard to make The Strecker Report publicized on a large scale.

Let me again quote the report by the Strecker brothers on Fort Dietrich being a biological-warfare research facility:

“D. Carleton Gajdusek, now chief of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Laboratory and Temperate Virus Infections, states on page 106 of Omni publication, March, 1986, Vol. 34, in response to the question, ‘Isn’t Fort Dietrich in Maryland such a biological-warfare research facility?’ he answers:

‘No, emphatically No, there is no defensive or offensive warfare microbiology done at Fort Dietrich today. It is the national cancer research facility of NIH. In this facility I have a building where more good and loyal Communist scientists from the USSR and mainland China work-with Fuji passkeys to all the laboratories-than Americans. With night working US citizens and foreign Communist investigators here, obviously there is no ‘secret’ bacterial warfare activity going on. Even the Army’s infectious-disease unit is loaded with foreign workers-not always friendly nationals. It is a valid basic research unit on worldwide problems of infectious diseases in which no classified or secret activities unfold…” [11]

Gajdusek said there was no more secret microbiology done at Fort Dietrich because it had all finished in the 1970’s. The World Government scientists were working out the problems they had previously created; how to have an orderly reduction of the world population.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Agency, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia had projected that in 1993 new AIDS cases would jump 75% in the first year of the new definition. They actually increased by 111%, from 49,016 in 1992 to 103,500 in 1993.


Below: Robert Strecker MD presents documented evidence that shows why AIDS is a man-made disease. Dr. Strecker explains how the AIDS virus was predicted, requested, created, and sealed into the human population. This video debunks the green monkey theory of AIDS and presents startling evidence that reveals the true man-made origins of AIDS. Dr. Strecker is an internist and Gastroenterologist. He holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and is a trained Pathologist:



We have a story to tell you, a very strange story, one that affects you, me, and every other human being on earth. A story that must be taken seriously by the governments of every nation in the world because there may not be many humans left to govern by the turn of the century, or shortly thereafter. A story so bizarre, and so sinister that, if it were not for the fact that it is all true, it would make a great science fiction thriller. [12]

The  story begins in 1983 with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. who practices internal medicine and gastroenterology in Los Angeles. He is a trained pathologist and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Strecker and his brother Ted, an attorney, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance organization (HMO) for the Security Pacific Bank of California. They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring the treatment of AIDS patients. In as much as this information was not readily available in 1983, both brothers began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this relatively new disease. The information they uncovered was so starling that it dramatically altered their lives and lead them on a five year quest, culminating with the creation of “The Strecker Memorandum,” a controversial video and a remarkable set of documents called “The Bio-Attack Alert.”


Right there in the medical literature for anyone to read for themselves was, basically, proof that the AIDS virus and pandemic was actually predicted years ago by a world famous virologist, among others. They found that top scientists writing in the “Bulletin of the World Health Organization” (WHO) were actually requesting that AIDS-like viruses be created to study the effect on humans. In fact, the Strecker’s unearthed thousands of documents supporting the man-made origin of AIDS.

Meanwhile, the governments were telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus was not only created as requested, but actually deployed, and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do: cause cancer in humans via a contagious virus. Eventually, the Streckers came to realize everything the government and the so-called AIDS experts were telling the public was not only misleading, but outright lies… The truth of the matter is:

  • AIDS is a man-made disease
  • AIDS is not a homosexual disease
  • AIDS is not a verneral disease
  • AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes
  • Condoms will not prevent AIDS
  • There are at least six different AIDS


The most dreaded fear that all oncologists (cancer doctors), virologists and immunologists live with is that someday cancer, in one form of another, will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has made that fear a reality. If you think that you are safe because you are not gay or promiscuous, or because you are not sexually active, then you must watch “The Strecker Memorandum” very carefully.


The most common misconception being foisted upon us right now concerns sexually active Americans. We are told that if a man uses a condom, the transference of the deadly virus is virtually eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the body fluids where the AIDS virus is found, semen contains the least. As a matter of fact, in every single study ever published on the subject, no one has found a significant amount in anyone’s semen. It just isn’t there in huge numbers. There is usually about one virus per milliliter, a statistically irrelevant amount. One copious ejaculation might produce only two or three viruses. This is substantiated in the medical literature.

But, just for argument’s sake, let’s say all the medical studies are wrong. Let’s pretend that there are countless millions of AIDS viruses in the ejaculation. Are you aware that condoms are riddled with microscopic or larger holes?  Studies show that even the smallest holes found in condoms are two to ten times larger than the AIDS virus. It’s like shooting a golf ball through a basketball hoop. Condoms have not, will not, and cannot prevent AIDS.


Over one hundred thousand Americans have already died (1985) because they did not know the truth about AIDS. Approximately 23 million Americans are already infected. More than one in 60 babies born in New York City is infected; three in 100 college students in America are infected; one in 20 aliens applying for amnesty is infected, including men, women and children. These are just some of the facts you are not likely to hear from the media.


One of the first things the Streckers did was to try and tell their medical and legal colleagues what they were finding in the literature. Some were interested; most were not. Certainly no one was prepared to risk their professional standing by making waves within the establishment.

Ted Strecker compiled some of the most damaging documents into a report he called “The Bio-Attack Alert” and sent it to the governor of every state, the president (Reagan), the vice-president (George Bush), the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and selected members of Congress. He got a grand total of three replies from three governors; nothing from the government.

Both he and Dr. Strecker were laughed at and ridiculed at every turn. As an example, Dr. Strecker told the government in 1985 that virtually every person testing positive for AIDS would die prematurely and painfully. The government said that was nonsense. Their figures showed that maybe ten percent at most would die from the disease.

In 1986, the government said maybe 50 percent of those infected would die, in 1987, they said maybe 75 percent, in 1988 they finally agreed with Dr. Strecker that AIDS is virtually 100 percent fatal.

We could go on with facts Dr. Strecker unearthed that the “experts” said were wrong and now accepted as truth.

Dr. Strecker, like a good scientist, submitted paper after paper with his findings to all the prestigious medical journals in America. They refused. He then tried to have his findings published in Europe. Again, closed doors. What to do? Dr. Strecker did not feel he could take the time from his practice and his research to write a book. On the other hand, everyone has a television and now (1987) most households have a video cassette recorder (VCR).

The time involved to make a video is nothing compared to writing a book, and so “The Strecker Memorandum” video was created. It is 96 minutes of the most startling controversial and information-packed video you will ever see, and disputes virtually everything the American public is being told by the government, the so- called AIDS “experts” in the media. In fact, after seeing it YOU will know more about AIDS than 99 percent of all doctors in America.


With the video made, it seemed a simple matter to advertise it and the world would become aware of what it was facing, right? WRONG! The fact that you are even reading about “The Strecker Memorandum” is a minor miracle by itself, in as much as television stations have refused to advertise it. Television and radio time brokers that sell blocks of commercial time have refused to sell us time. Television station managers have refused to even air programs containing interviews with Dr. Strecker.

A national radio network did an interview with a famous talk show host and Dr. Strecker and then refused to run it. Virtually every big name television network show, magazine, and all the syndicated TV interviewers and talk show hosts have said “No” to Dr. Strecker.

Big city newspapers will not take any print ads telling about it, and so it goes…Why? What is in “The Strecker Memorandum” that sends a cold chill down the spine of most media executives?


The excuse we hear over and over is that it is too controversial. Too controversial? They say that this information, if widely disseminated, will cause the public to panic. If someone had poisoned your water supply and you and your family could die, would you want to know about it? Would you panic? Or would you more likely be outraged and try to find out who did it and punish them? We feel the only persons who might panic are those scientists who willingly or otherwise created AIDS and are now promoting misinformation by covering it up. After all, if you made AIDS, would you tell anyone about it?


It may take a while before the words “species threatening” sink in, because the term has rarely been used before to describe an existing human condition, but once you realize the implications of that term, and realize that, unlike any other kind of disease ever known to man, past or present, AIDS can, if unchecked, kill every human on earth, then your outlook and attitude regarding everything in life must change. Whether you like it or not, and despite all your precautions, the time will come when you will test positive for AIDS, and it can happen much quicker than you realize.


The number of AIDS-infected people is doubling approximately every 12 months, and in some areas even sooner. With 23 million Americans carrying the virus, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how long we have here in the U.S. Africa has conservatively 75 million infected; some estimates double that. Brazil as a country is in serious jeopardy because all through the 1970’s they were buying their blood supply from Africa. On top of that, the World Health Organization conducted a large scale small pox vaccination program there in the 1970’s.

Southern Japan has at least 30 present infected with HTLV 1, the leukemia causing virus (although you never hear about that on television). Russia is now reporting AIDS as a problem. Cuba has already set up concentration camps for AIDS-infected, and they are full (you won’t see that on television either). Haiti of course, is ravaged by AIDS; more than 20 percent of the people are infected and getting worse every day. And so it goes. Virtually every nation on earth with few exceptions (Iran is one) is reporting a growing problem. It’s on every continent, every sub-continent, and every island chain, Atlantic and Pacific. So why won’t the media or government tell you these things? Is it too controversial for you to handle? Are you going to panic?


Yes and no. No, if you are waiting for the government to create a magic bullet. As you will see in “The Strecker Memorandum,” part of the problem is that all the various AIDS viruses are “recombinant retroviruses.” Very simply, that means they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter and the offspring or new viruses they form are different from the parent viruses.

HTLV III alone (that’s the most common American AIDS virus) has the mathematically ability to change itself to the 9,000th power. The common cold recombines much less frequently and we haven’t found a cure for it after a hundred years. Besides does it make much sense to entrust the cure of AIDS to the same people that may have created it?

Yes, there is hope if Dr. Strecker and a growing number of realistic scientists are correct in looking at alternative, non-allopathic, non-drug modalities based in Raman spectroscopy. In fact, much research is going on now that offers great promises. Unfortunately, our government takes a dim view of any type of treatment for any type of disease – let alone AIDS – that does not conform to its rigid rules for acceptance, registration and legalization. Of course the FDA would definitely like to see an allopathic drug treatment or cure presented by an ethical drug company or university.

Well, we don’t think that’s going to happen. Because of this attitude, much experimentation in America must go underground, underfunded or out of the country entirely. Again, this is explained further in “The Strecker Memorandum.”


An ominous personal aspect of this story has been the sudden and unexpected deaths of two of key players. First, Dr. Strecker’s brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. Was Ted Strecker suicidal? Perhaps. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings. Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death. Ted was cheerful, in good spirits, and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress. The next day he was found dead, his 22-caliber rifle next to him. No note, no message, no goodbyes to anyone. Officially a suicide.

Next, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home, dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff did everything in his power to make the Illinois State Legislature and the people of Chicago aware or Dr. Strecker’s work. He was very vocal, gave many press interviews, was constantly on television and radio urging people to wake up to the cover up concerning AIDS. Did Representative Huff use drugs? Perhaps. Was he an addict? No. Would he have known how dangerous a massive overdose of cocaine and heroin was? Yes, of course. Cause of death; officially a stroke.

Dr. Strecker has serious doubts that his brother killed himself. Representative Huff’s associates doubt he died accidentally, and yet they are gone. Who’s next?


We all know it is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth. Well, we are spreading the truth about AIDS. Unfortunately, it isn’t pretty. But the fact is you are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts.

The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradicting the official propaganda. So you can choose to go along with the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus) as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960’s; a polio-like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970’s; and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines; or, you can at least make yourself aware of the clear and present dangers that we all face by watching “The Strecker Memorandum.” The cost of the video is nominal, but we submit that remaining ignorant can cost infinitely more.

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