Become an Affiliate

The Patri-X affiliate program returns up to 80% of subscription fees to our affiliates and content creators, FOR LIFE! As an affiliate, you can share links with your friends, audience, or suscribers to invite them to join you on The Patriot Connection. By doing so you can earn up to 50% commission for as long as the suscriber remains a member. Below is the tiered payout rates:

  • Referrals 1-24: 25% payout
  • Referrals 25-99: 30%
  • Referrals 100-249: 35%
  • Referrals 250-499: 40%
  • Referrals 500-999: 45%
  • Referrals 1000+: 50%

30% of the subscription fee is given back to the subscriber in Patriot Points that must be shared in the form of tips or earned by the content creators when their content is liked or shared. This encourages more activity and rewards the content creators producing the most liked content. The points may also be applied as a discount on certain products, including your own.

When you sign up for a paid membership, you will automatically become an affiliate. All you have to do after that is share