Bill Clinton appointed John M. Deutch as C.I.A. Director

Belgian born Bilderberg attendee (1998-2002) John Deutch became Director of Central Intelligence in May 1995. The New York Times reported in July 1995 that on his appointment, Deutch “moved quickly to change things, Frederick Hitz [Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency] was the only senior official who kept his job.”

On November 15, 1996, Deutch was at Locke High School in Los Angeles at a town hall meeting on the topic of drug dealing where he hoped to refute the allegations raised by the Webb articles. Instead, Deutch was famously confronted by former Los Angeles Police Department officer Michael Ruppert, who testified that he had witnessed it occurring.

Deutch left the CIA on December 15, 1996 and later that year it was revealed that several of his laptop computers contained classified materials designated as unclassified. In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to the Department of Justice, where US Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution. She did, however, recommend an investigation to determine whether Deutch should retain his security clearance. President Clinton pardoned Deutch on his last day in office for crimes associated with keeping classified documents on his personal home computer.

Deutch’s future daughter-in-law (2003), Marne L. Levine, has been a serial employee of the Clintons and Larry Summers since she graduated from Harvard in 1993. Summers at Treasury (1993-2001. Summers at Harvard (2001-2003). Summers at National Economic Council (2009-2010). Summers at Instagram (2015). On Jun. 24, 2012, Levine (Deutch) went to work for Facebook, the day the Leader v. Facebook trial shuffled in newly nominated Judge Leonard P. Stark. In 2014, Levine (Deutch) became Instagram’s chief operating officer.

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