Bliss Lane Resigns as US Ambassador to Poland in Protest to the Betrayal of Poland by the Allies following WWII and then the Installation of a Communist USSR Puppet Regime

Bliss Lane resigned his post as Ambassador of Poland in protest of the takeover of the country by the Communist puppet regime, and wrote a book detailing what he considered to be the failure of the United States and Britain to keep their promise that the Poles would have a free election after the war. In that book he described what he considered the betrayal of Poland by the Western Allies, hence the title, I Saw Poland Betrayed. The book was translated into Polish and published in the United States, and later disseminated by an underground samizdat publishing house in Poland in the 1980s.

According to Lane, the U.S. and Britain at the Tehran Conference agreed to the dismemberment of eastern Poland. He considered this act a treacherous breach of the United States Constitution, since Roosevelt never reported his decision to the Senate. The Yalta Conference was the final death blow to Poland’s hopes for independence and for a democratic form of government, according to Lane.

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