Norwegian Writer Slams ‘Dishonest’ Media For Hiding Truth About Mass Migration

A prominent Norwegian author and media personality has blasted the mainstream press and government officials for hiding harsh realities about mass migration and Islamization from the general public. Ulf-Arvid Mejlænder, a former journalist himself, penned a scathing op-ed titled, “Say It as It Is,” which was surprisingly published by NRK, Norway’s government-owned media organization. Mejlænder […]

Eric Swalwell Falsely Claims NRA Calling for Pelosi Assassination

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) reacted to NRA claims that Democrats are targeting gun owners by suggesting the NRA is calling for Nancy Pelosi to be shot. Swalwell referred to an article in the NRA’s American Rifleman. The title of the article claims Democrats are using law-abiding gun owners for legislative “target practice.” The NRA article […]

Fake News: NASA and NOAA Declare the Past Five Years have been the Warmest on Record

The idea that climate change is producing heat records across the Earth is among the most egregious manipulations of data in the absurd global warming debate. Americans receive a daily barrage from the fake news media and climate “experts” reporting that each and every day, week, month or year is the hottest on record due […]

100,000 Supporters Turn Out for Annual March for Life — USA Today Reports ‘More Than a Thousand,’ CNN, MSNBC Ignore

An estimated 100,000 people — including Vice President Mike Pence — gathered in DC for the annual March for Life. The media, as always, is either outright ignoring the massive march or severely downplaying the impressive size of the crowd. The energy on the mall is outstanding. @March_for_Life — Zachary Kennedy (@ZacharyDKennedy) January 18, […]

Media Hoax: MSM Falsely Claims Catholic Students Harassed Native American

The mainstream media was caught demonizing Trump-supporting Catholic students by falsely claiming they were harassing a Native American activist when video evidence shows the opposite. The incident began Friday when video surfaced showing students from Covington Catholic school standing in front of the activist while he beat a drum outside the Lincoln Memorial. The media then […]