Norwegian Writer Slams ‘Dishonest’ Media For Hiding Truth About Mass Migration

A prominent Norwegian author and media personality has blasted the mainstream press and government officials for hiding harsh realities about mass migration and Islamization from the general public. Ulf-Arvid Mejlænder, a former journalist himself, penned a scathing op-ed titled, “Say It as It Is,” which was surprisingly published by NRK, Norway’s government-owned media organization. Mejlænder […]

Study: Media Least Trusted Institution In US. 60 Percent of Americans Say They Have ‘Hardly Any Confidence at All’ in the Press

A Reuters/Ipsos poll has found that Americans view the media as the least trustworthy institution in the country, with 60 percent saying they have ‘hardly any confidence at all’ in the press. Brand new @cjr report on #media, using @ipsos @reuters data: A plurality say they have hardly any confidence at all in the people […]

2019 Dirty Dozen List Released which Names 12 Mainstream Contributors to Sexual Exploitation in America. Tops the List.

Think Amazon and the fast delivery of a seemingly endless array of products comes to mind. It is that, but there is a darker side. Try “gratuitous nudity and simulated sex scenes.” Think “child-like sex dolls.” Think “eroticized child nudity.” Think “incest, babysitter, and group-sex themes.” That’s from the “Dirty Dozen” list compiled by the National […]

Facebook Refuses Ad Purchases from President Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign Supporting Republicans in Competitive Races

Facebook has refused ad purchases from President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, which is seeking to encourage voter support for Republicans in competitive races before Tuesday’s midterm elections. The social media giant pulled the ads Monday following pressure from CNN, the Daily Beast, and other left-wing journalists. Facebook announced that the Trump immigration ad “cannot receive paid distribution” […]

MoveOn is the Largest Facebook Political Advertiser a Week Before 2018 Mid-term Election

MoveOn, a George Soros-funded anti-Republican PAC, was allegedly the biggest political Facebook advertisement spender last week — the final week before the midterm elections. MoveOn’s Washington Director, Ben Wikler, bragged about the PAC’s advertisement budget, along with its “secret weapon” against the Republican Party, which consisted of using hundreds of videos of voters explaining why […]