Study Claims Dr. Seuss And His Books Are Racist

Dr. Seuss once said, “You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” And, according to a new study from St. Catherine University, that should be away from Dr. Seuss books. The study, published in the journal for Research on Diversity in Youth Literature, analyzes 50 books and more than 2,200 characters created by Dr. Seuss. […]

Paper: A professor at George Washington University Law School Argues that Milk is a tool of “White Supremacy.”

“Sociologist Professor E. Melanie Dupuis has studied the historical links between milk-drinking and manifestations of white supremacy in society,” George Washington University Law School Legal Writing Professor Iselin Gambert writes in a new research paper of the supposedly nefarious consequences of milk-drinking on American society. According to Gambert, milk is a “symbol and tool” of […]

NYU Professor: Leftist Totalitarianism is Running Amok, we’re on the Precipice of Completely Losing our Culture

In a strong warning, NYU professor Michael Rectenwald said that western civilization is under siege from Maoist totalitarians in a Facebook post, adding that we are on the verge of “completely losing our culture”. Rectenwald summarizes the threat facing the west in his most direct and concise Facebook post: “We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution […]