Major League Baseball Caves in to “Gay Pride”

So much for family-friendly. A total of 23 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams signed on to sponsor gay pride events at games during the 2018 season, with the bulk of the “inclusive” celebrations coming during June, the homosexual lobby’s long-time annual “Gay Pride” month. The 23 MLB teams celebrating gay pride events in 2018 are […]

Former Penn St. Football Asst. Coach, Jerry Sandusky, Found Guilty of 45 Counts of Child Sex Abuse Offenses. His Second Mile Pedophile Ring Connected to Boys Town in Nebraska

On 22 June 2012, Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse. Mainstream media has covered this high-profile case (as shown by CNN timeline below), but the MSM has ignored the multi-state sex ring that the Second Mile charity spanned, and made Sandusky the fall guy to divert further investigations […]

Conditioning of a ‘New World Order’ Begins in Sports World?

On February 4th, 2011, an article appears in the NY Times regarding changes in the landscape of women’s soccer as the U.S. team becomes a major player on the international scene, titled, “In the Women’s Game, It’s a New World Order“, perhaps the first article relating changes in sports to a “New World Order” followed […]

Nancy Kerrigan is Clubbed in the Leg Following Practice in Detroit by 2 of Tonya’s Ex, Gillooly, Hired Thugs: Did Harding Conspire to Hurt Her?

Even if you’re not a fan of Olympic figure skating, you probably remember the scandal that began in 1994 when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked as she left the ice after practice in Detroit. It was January 6, 1994 — the day before the US Figure Skating Championships. The assault was later traced back to men […]

The Hillsborough Disaster: A Mismanaged Sold-Out FC Soccer Match Results in 96 Deaths and a Police Cover Up Attempt

After two years of inquest evidence, a detailed picture has built up of how an FA Cup match at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough ground turned into a disaster that claimed 96 lives and left hundreds more injured. The semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest took place on Saturday 15 April, 1989. The match was sold out, […]