Chelsea Manning Jailed For Refusing to Testify About WikiLeaks

Chelsea Manning, a former US Army Intelligence analyst who gave classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010 was jailed for refusing to testify to a secret grand jury about WikiLeaks. Chelsea Manning received a subpoena in late January to testify before a federal grand jury in a case in the Eastern District of Virginia — this […]

Facebook Whistleblower: Staff ‘Deboost’ Unwanted Content – and I Saw Same Code Used on Conservatives

Recent Facebook insider leaks released by Project Veritas reveal that the social media giant’s demoting of conservative content isn’t just done by human moderators, it’s built right into the code of the website as a technical action called “deboosting.” Project Veritas latest bombshell report reveals inside info from Facebook. One of the most shocking revelations […]

With Help of Whistleblower, Matthew Caruana Galizia Outlines Malta’s ‘Organized Criminal Conspiracy’

Matthew Caruana Galizia called on the European Union to establish an FBI-style police organization to tackle cross-border crime, arguing that such a move could prevent other journalists from suffering the fate of his mother, the late Daphne Caruana Galizia. “The EU is like how the USA was in the 19th century before the FBI was […]

Sixteen FBI Agents Raid Home of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower

On the morning of November 19th, sixteen FBI agents raided the Maryland home of a DOJ whistleblower who was in possession of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One documents. The whistleblower came across the devastating documents while he was working for an FBI contractor, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer.  (Note: This order was likely in the […]

Whistleblower Teacher Says School “Tricked” Autistic Kids Into Transgenderism

A teacher turned whistleblower at a government school in the United Kingdom warned that vulnerable children — most of whom have autism and other mental disorders — were being “tricked” and “brainwashed” into believing they are the wrong sex by school officials. Some 17 students just at that one school are in the process of […]