CFR Study No. 7: “…building a New International Order [which] must be Responsive to World Aspirations for Peace, [and] for Social and Economic Change”

In Study No. 7 Basic Aim of U.S. Foreign Policy, published by the CFR in November, 1959, they revealed their plans for the country:

“The U.S. must strive to build a new international order … (which) must be responsive to world aspirations for peace … (and) for social and economic change…including states labeling themselves as ‘Socialist’ … (and to) gradually increase the authority of the U.N..”

They also advocated secret negotiations with Russia concerning disarmament, and increased foreign aid to China. The foreign policy of the CFR seemed to mirror that of the U.S. Communist Party, only because a change to a socialistic form of government would bring them that much closer to a one-world government. One could safely say that a nutshell descriptor of the CFR is “to bring about a New World Order through the manipulation of U.S. foreign policy and relations and through international economic interdependence.”

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