Christchurch Shooting in New Zealand

The mosque mass shooting on March 15, 2019 clearly fits the exact same pattern as Dunblane and Port Arthur, as well as Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Parkland.  The Christchurch terrorist attack also contains the same elements of part reality and part hoax; however, it was executed in a quite deliberate manner that was initially meant to convince the global audience of its authenticity. The mainstream liberal media tried tying the shootings to President Donald Trump and his supporters, ut their allegations were disconnected from reality as usual.

It’s no coincidence that this odious mass shooting was conducted in a city with the name Christchurch, nor perhaps that they would choose the Ides of March to carry out such a heinous and murderous plot. The cool precision and mechanical firing of his automatic rifle indicates that the terrorist who killed 49 Muslim congregants at the mosque in New Zealand was a highly trained professional. In other words, no matter who this guy is according to his public background, he’s really a stone-cold Gladio-trained terrorist on a specific mission.

It began early on a Friday afternoon local time, a lone nut gunman, identified as Australian-born and MOSSAD-trained Brenton Tarrant, targeted two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. Between those two mosques — the Al Noor Mosque near the center of the city and Linwood Mosque, about three miles away — the attacker killed at least 49 people and seriously injured another 20 or more. Taking a page from the ISIS playbook, the shooter livestreamed his shooting rampage via Facebook.

The shooter included a manifesto that he published online, entitled The Great Replacement: Towards a New Society, which was used by mainstream liberal media to point to President Trump, his supporters, and conservatives in general. But a reading of the manifesto itself does not support that view. Headlines and subheadings of multiple articles published online since the tragedy include phrases such as “Trump supporter,” “right-wing,” and “conservative” to describe the shooter. It is noteworthy that this same mainstream liberal media rightly condemns the use of such a broad brush when the shooter is a Muslim (as in the San Bernardino attacks in December 2015), a homosexual (as in the Orlando shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub shooting in June 2016), or simply a liberal (as in the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in June 2017). When details of the lifestyles and political and religious views of those shooters came to light, the media were silent except to point out that those shooters should be viewed as individuals — not as representatives of a group.

But this is not that. This shooting was being spun as an indictment of Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatism. And to support that false narrative, the mainstream liberal media carefully cherry-picked Tarrant’s manifesto for selected quotes. Carefully avoided are quotes which show that he is not a conservative, not a Trump supporter, not a Christian, and not a capitalist. In fact, he has far more in common with the likes of Obama and Clinton than with Trump.

Here, in his own words — quoted directly from various portions of his manifesto — is what he had to say (much of his manifesto is in question and answer form):

Why did you carry out the attack?

… To create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary action can occur….

Finally, to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United states.This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

Why did you choose to use firearms?

I could have chosen any weapons or means. A TATP filled rental van. Household flour, a method of dispersion and an ignition source. A ballpeen hammer and a wooden shield. Gas, fire, vehicular attacks, plane attacks, any means were available. I had the will and I had the resources.

I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world.”

The US is torn into many factions by its second amendment, along state, social, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the US will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty.

This attempted abolishment of rights by the left will result in a dramatic polarization of the people in the United States and eventually a fracturing of the US along cultural and racial lines.

Were/are you a conservative?

No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.

Were/are you a christian?

That is complicated.

When I know, I will tell you.

Were/are you a fascist?

Yes. For once, the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist. I am sure the journalists will love that.

I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.

The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.

Were/are you “right wing”?

Depending on the definition, sure.

Were/are you “left wing”?

Depending on the definition, sure.

Were/are you a socialist?

Depending on the definition. Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents.

Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.

Why focus on immigration and birth rates when climate change is such a huge issue?

Because they are the same issue, the environment is being destroyed by over population, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over populating the world. The invaders are the ones over populating the world. Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.

Why do you blame immigrants and not the capitalists?

I blame both, and plan to deal with both.

Did you always hold these views?

No, when I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a

libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.

Are you a Fed/shill/mossad agent/false flag/patsy/infiltrator/antifa/glow in the dark etc?

No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy scepticism is a good thing.

Won’t your attack result in calls for the removal of gun rights from Whites in the United states?

Yes, that is the plan all along, you said you would fight to protect your rights and the constitution, well soon will come the time.

So, the shooter clearly states that he is not a conservative (in fact, he addresses conservatives in a 394-word screed in the middle of his manifesto, ending it with, “Conservatism is dead. Thank god. Now let us bury it and move on to something of worth.”

He states that he is an “Eco-fascist” who planned and carried out his attack — in part — to “save the environment.” He states that he places the “blame” on capitalists, whom he describes elsewhere in his manifesto as “your capitalist owners” who keep the rest of the world in the dark to “ensure none of us get grand ideas of taking the unearned wealth” they have accumulated.

He makes it plain that he does not support President Trump (whom he mentions one time in his entire 2,644 word manifesto) as anything other than a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” To put in the for-what-it’s-worth column, that “symbol” is a caricature created by the mainstream liberal media who have taken Trump’s words out of context — just as they have Tarrant’s.

He asks and refuses to actually answer whether he is a Christian, saying he doesn’t know. Here is a tip: If a grown man does not know whether he is a Christian, he isn’t. Period.

And finally, while painting a picture of himself as having been all around the political Mulberry bush before ending up as a fascist, all indications appear to point to his heaviest influence being his communist roots — which are not far removed from fascism anyway, but very far removed from freedom or free enterprise. In his manifesto, he said himself that the nation with political and social views closest to his own is Communist China.

Far from the Right, his ideas and goals are those of the Left. And in keeping with that ideology, his tactics are those of the Left. By planning and carrying out his attack, he said that he hoped to force a civil war in America and other parts of the West.

And before the blood of his victims was even dry, the Leftist mainstream media in America was busy trying to fan the flames of the fire he was trying to start.

Notably, as much as the violence in this event appears to be genuine, it also appears that the shooter was setting up an elaborate narrative to blame conservatives such as Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg (one of the most viewed YouTube channels) and Candace Owens, who is for some reason named in a post that was reportedly authored by the shooter. (Candace Owens is a brilliant, African-American conservative commentator who abhors the use of violence, by the way.) Other parts of the post containing hate-filled rants against Islam and a desire to carry out violence against Muslims.

The narrative that this shooter was “radicalized” by intelligent conservative voices like Candace Owens is obviously contrived, and it points to larger questions about who might really be behind this event (and who benefits from the narrative that emerges from the carefully scripted, video-documented violence). Owens unloaded on the liberal hacks who tried to accuse her of laughing at the Christchurch massacre.

In January 2018, Martin Sellner, co-chair of the Austrian Identitarian Movement and husband of conservative activist Brittany Pettibone, received a donation of €1500 from the Christchurch killer, and sent him a routine thank-you message. At that time, of course, Sellner had no way of knowing who Tarrant was or what he was going to do a year later. Tarrant was traveling through Europe and also sought to meet with Sellner, but the meeting never came about.”Maybe I should’ve met with him, then maybe I would’ve been able to talk him out of it”, Sellner says.

Sellner’s home in Vienna was raided by Austrian police and his computers and cell phones seized on suspicion of “terrorism”, even though the Austrian Identitarian Movement had just won a court case last year absolving them of charges of “forming a terrorist organization”. Just another reason for the Luciferian globalists to harass Christian conservative activists. The U.S. State Department seemingly joined in the pile-on, revoking Sellner’s electronic U.S. travel authorization (ESTA). “I called and they told me it was ‘based on my background’. Now, I can’t visit my fiancée or her family, or  get married in the US as planned”, Sellner announced on Twitter.

According to the shooter’s own manifesto which was apparently posted to social media, the shooter specifically chose to use firearms to escalate mass media coverage and cause a civil war in the United States. The rantings read like a CIA “divide and conquer” blueprint, or a “problem-reaction-solution” approach to sowing dissent and sparking even more violence.

Another suspicious fact that’s emerging from this event concerns reports that there may have been three shooters at two locations, meaning this may have been a coordinated, carefully planned (i.e. staged) event.

Immediately after the New World Order globalist cabal had staged yet another false flag hoax but with some reality in Christchurch, New Zealand, their highly controlled globalist stooge — Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern — quickly issued an immediate gun ban as follows:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand is immediately banning assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and “military style semi-automatic rifles” like the weapons used in last Friday’s attacks on two Christchurch mosques.

Ardern announced the ban Thursday and said it would be followed by legislation to be introduced next month.
(Source: Now we see why the globalists staged the New Zealand false flag.)

Of course, these deliberately executed psyops always have multiple goals. For example:

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called for a global fight to root out racist right-wing ideology following last week’s deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch.”
(Source: As usual, the British press exposes the real New Zealand shooting agenda.)

The Christchurch mosque where the gunman opened fire has links to radical Islamic terrorism, according to a New Zealand newspaper. The newspaper, called Stuff, reported on a story in 2014 about how two Australians killed in Yemen by drone strike were radicalized in Christchurch mosques. The article has since been wiped from the internet after the Christchurch shooting, but an archived version is available HERE.

The best way for the government of New Zealand to take away the assault rifles so quickly was to stage a fake “shock and awe” event that was actually videoed to have maximum effect on the populace.  However, the perps made a LOT of mistakes as usual. See: 5 Things About The Christchurch Shooting That Prove It Was A False Flag (VIDEO)

The NZ government went to extraordinary lengths to eliminate the video from the internet while criminalizing anyone who dares possess it or distribute it. Anyone in possession of the video would get 10 years in prison. An 18-year-old man was arrested in New Zealand for merely sharing the live stream video of the Christchurch shooting. “The live stream video of the shootings in Christchurch has been classified by the Chief Censor’s Office as objectionable,” reports Radio NZ. “Police said anyone in possession of the video of the shootings, or found to be distributing it, could face imprisonment.”

This means, essentially, that even  linking to content the government doesn’t like is now a crime in New Zealand under Sharia law dictator Ardern.

So what is it about this particular shooting that has governments in a total frenzy to terrorize citizens into deleting all the copies they might possess?

Could it be that the attack was, according to this one analysis, carried out by a special ops military team that also carried out the attack on the North Korean embassy in Spain, as reported by Disobedient Media? As Disobedient Media says:

An investigation and analysis by Disobedient Media indicates that Tarrant and the group he worked with likely have professional military connections, are part of the same cell that perpetrated a February 22nd break-in of the North Korean embassy in Spain and potentially have intelligence ties to various agencies that cooperate under the UKUSA Agreement popularly known as Five Eyes (FVEY).

The [shooter] also engaged in extensive travel abroad to a number of areas that should have raised red flags with intelligence services. Countries visited by Tarrant included Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, parts of Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Afghanistan and Xinjiang, China. The extensive travel and access to military grade firearms should have made detection by law enforcement and intelligence services nearly impossible to avoid.

Funny, I don’t recall the mainstream media reporting that this guy had traveled all over the world while somehow collecting military-grade firearms and stockpiling them in New Zealand. You’re not supposed to even know that part of the story.

Could it be that there was also a third shooting venue reported outside the Christchurch Hospital, indicating that a much larger assault team had been deployed in military fashion to launch simultaneous attacks on three targets? (Two mosques and one hospital.) As Maori News previously reported:

There is also a report of a gunman at a second Christchurch mosque in Linwood. And a third active shooting is being reported outside Christchurch Hospital… Stuff is reporting shots being fired at Christchurch hospital.

Could it be that the police response to the shooting was suspiciously slow, taking over 20 minutes for police to arrive even though police stations were only a few blocks away? (Sounds a bit like the Parkland shooting in Florida, doesn’t it? Remember how sheriff’s deputies were ordered to stand down while the shooting was playing out?)

Could it be that eyewitnesses described “blood everywhere” but the live-streamed shooting video doesn’t appear to show any blood at all?

Could it be that the primary shooter openly described his attack as a false flag operation designed to foment civil war in America over gun rights? As InfoWars reports, “The New Zealand shooter admitted in his manifesto that his goal was to kill Muslims with firearms to spark a civil war in the United States, and create cultural division in the West.

Here’s another interesting question in all this: Why do the brass cartridges being ejected from the AR-15 never hit the ground? They all magically disappear mid-air.

Why are so many people just standing around in every room instead of hitting the ground, hiding behind cover or fleeing out the nearest exit? To be clear, we’re not in any way saying that people weren’t killed, but it’s almost certain at this point that some parts of the shooter’s own narrative are contrived, since he explains in his own manifesto that he initiated the shooting to manipulate public opinion and start a war. That underscores his media-savvy knowledge of how the world media would report on his attack, even knowing that the media would cherry pick whatever they wanted in order to blame President Trump, gun owners, white people or conservatives. His attack, honestly stated, was designed for the media and played out for the media, even by the shooter’s own admissions in his manifesto.

Either the victims thought they were participating in an active drill only to find themselves being shot to death by a professional trained killer, or these people have never seen or heard gunfire before. The Millenial Report editor determined the following after vieing the video several times:

Clearly, the execution of this mass shooting was performed by a highly skilled military-trained assassin.  Given the accuracy with which he hit (and killed) his victims, it’s clear that he was an extremely qualified marksman.

However, it was his extraordinary composure throughout the entire rampage that revealed the degree of mind-control programming that he has been subjected to.  There is also the distinct possibility that the shooter was under the influence of the same type of powerful psychotropic drugs that various militaries around the world give their soldiers right before battle.

To have carried out such a savage operation without the slightest indication of conscience exposes this whole psyop as a laboriously planned and executed operation.  Only a drug-addled robot could have moved as efficiently and proficiently without the slightest concern about being caught or confronted.  He even doubled back to each pile of victims to shoot them again to make sure his quarry was dead.

Hence, only an MK-Ultra level mind-controlled agent of Gladio could have conducted this operation as flawlessly as the shooter did.  The premeditated filming of the entire black op was the real giveaway that something was very scripted about the unusually intentional NWO scheme.*  The real intent of that script will surely reveal itself over the weeks ahead.

So why did Facebook desperately scrub the shooting video off its platform even though it gladly hosted the live stream of the shooting in the first place? Both Facebook and Twitter were complicit in the original shooting, given that they are both now operated as editorialized publishing platforms rather than open free speech platforms. This means Facebook and Twitter can both be sued for hosting this shooter’s videos and content.

Why is this singular event now resulting in worldwide calls to ban 8chan and various online chat boards? Is this event the scripted springboard to unleash global censorship of all speech across the ‘net? It was obviously scripted by the shooter himself, who openly wrote about planning and carrying out the event as a form of live action fatal theater to achieve his twisted political goals.

Despite these unassailable refutations of the official narrative, as long as a vast majority of people on the planet believe what the mainstream media tells them about this and other fake mass shootings, it makes no difference whether it was totally real, or a complete hoax, or a hybrid of reality and hoax.  All that matters is that a critical mass of folks demands new gun control laws for the globalist perpetrators to achieve their nefarious purposes.

The bottom line where it concerns this mosque mass shooting in New Zealand is that the globalists carried it out to accomplish several objectives.  Each one of those tyrannical objectives is critical to the formation of a totalitarian One World Government.

In order to understand how Gladio-style black operations like this significantly advance the NWO agenda, the following detailed exposé is highly recommended.  This report contains specific premises and conclusions not found anywhere else on the Internet today.  And it was written on the very day that the NZ mosque was supposedly attacked by the lone terrorist; that’s how utterly transparent these never-ending false flag shootings have become.

New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (Updated)

Despite the fact that scumbag cannibal John Podesta was just in New Zealand days before the attack to warn that the 2020 New Zealand elections are a ‘juicy target’ for a major hack (why is POS Podesta still relevant, by the way?), and that the entire scenario in New Zealand provides the perfect opportunity for the globalists to further censor the internet, this ‘attack‘ completely demonized the ‘alt right‘, President Trump and his supporters with no proof.

Simultaneous Drill

It took police officers in New Zealand 36 minutes to catch the terrorist who murdered 50 people in two Christchurch mosques last week. Dramatic footage shows that just two officers—only one of whom had a gun—apprehend the suspect after his bloody rampage. We are now learning that this response time would have been longer, but police happened to be conducting a drill nearby practicing for a similar attack.

In what can be described as an extremely strange “coincidence,” Chris Cahill, a detective inspector who is president of a local labor union for police officers, explained that officers were involved in a drill near the city center when the shooting broke out.

According to the NY Times, 

The police said a special armed tactical unit arrived at Al Noor Mosque four minutes after the first officers, or 10 minutes after the initial emergency call.

Mr. Cahill said it normally would have taken longer, with team members summoned to a police station to suit up. On Friday, though, they happened to be in a training session in the city center and wearing their gear, he said.

“Any police force in the world — to get to the scene in six minutes, a specialist team there in 10 — that would be a success,” Mr. Cahill said.

Police in New Zealand don’t typically carry firearms, much less dress in tactical gear, so officers holding a drill with all their tactical equipment and weapons at the ready was a helpful coincidence indeed.

For those who may be unaware, the significance of the drill is important due to the fact that most terror attacks in recent history have coincided with drills very similar to the actual terrorism that unfolds.

In November of 2015, during the tragic attacks on Paris, it was later reported that Paris-area emergency personnel and ambulance crews were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the very same day. The exact nature of the drill was a simulated mass shooting attack, according to Dr. Mathieu Raux, emergency room chief at the Pitié-Salpetrière hospital in Paris.

Also, during the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) was in the midst of a training exercise called Vigilant Guardian, which “coincidentally” simulated planes being hijacked by terrorists. Other simultaneous drills (up to 47) were used to confuse responers to not act due to uncertainty of whether reports were part of the drill or otherwise.

A story in Aviation Week made clear the connection between the 9/11 attacks and the NORAD drills taking place at virtually the same moment:

At 8:40 a.m. EDT, Tech. Sgt. Jeremy W. Powell of North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (Norad) Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome, N.Y., took the first call from Boston Center. He notified NEADS commander Col. Robert K. Marr, Jr., of a possible hijacked airliner, American Airlines Flight 11.

“Part of the exercise?” the colonel wondered. No; this is a real-world event, he was told. Several days into a semiannual exercise known as Vigilant Guardian, NEADS was fully staffed, its key officers and enlisted supervisors already manning the operations center “battle cab.”

In retrospect, the exercise would prove to be a serendipitous enabler of a rapid military response to terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Senior officers involved in Vigilant Guardian were manning Norad command centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, available to make immediate decisions.

As if these two events weren’t a strange enough “coincidence,” the London subway attacks on 7/7 also encompassed drills happening only days prior to that terrorist attack. A report by the Daily Mail stated:

Police completed a terror training exercise, which envisaged an attack on London’s transport network just days before the 7/7 atrocity, an inquest heard today.

During the ‘table top’ drill, officers were asked to respond to imaginary bombings at Waterloo, Embankment and St James’s Park Underground stations.
But there was absolutely no intelligence at the time to suggest such an attack was imminent, the hearing was told…

Christopher Coltart, barrister for some of the bereaved families, told the inquest the ‘Hanover’ exercise, which took place on July 1 and July 2 2005 and involved officers from the Met’s anti-terror branch, ‘had at its core, an attack on the Underground’.

Asked if it was simply a ‘coincidence’ that this took place just days before 7/7, Mr Allison replied: ‘That’s entirely correct.’

The same is true for Parkland, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and many other false flag events. It seems odd that some of the most prolific terror attacks in recent history all share this common thread.

Occult Influences at Work

It’s no wonder that Gladio chose the Ides of March to conduct this mass shooting.  Just like they chose Valentine’s Day to carry out the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida to mar that date forever, the Ides of March was selected because of the grisly murder of Julius Caesar in the Roman Senate.  Many folks still have a negative association with March 15th so it’s very easy to further fear-monger around this day.

Then there is the matter that the Australian assassin willfully went to Christchurch, New Zealand to perpetrate the crime spree.  The very name —  Christchurch — has always evoked the Christian sentiments of love and compassion and peace.  Now look at what the perps have done to it.  Just like San Bernardino, California will always be associated with the 2015 terrorist attack so, too, will Christchurch from this point onward.

Beyond these obvious perceptions, there is always a much deeper occult meaning and intention behind global events of this magnitude and profundity.  These have to do with the ritual human sacrifice that was truly held at the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch.  When forty-nine people are mercilessly killed in this manner, someone, somewhere is harnessing the dark occult energies generated from the bloodbath.  Of course, 49 = 7 x 7, so there is plenty of room for numerological speculation just as there is regarding the death date of 3-15-2019.

The bottom line here is that the hidden occult motivations for these types of impressive events are the most significant of all.  The power elite have always taken advantage of dark occult power to further lock down planet Earth, and this ritual sacrifice will further their goals considerably.

One other very important line of inquiry that holds the key to unlocking the meaning of this ritual sacrifice can be found in the photos of the rifles used in this terror attack.  There are all kind of clues left by both the terrorist himself and his Gladio handlers.  Exactly what they mean will become more clear as the Alt Media dissects and analyzes every word and symbol.   As follows:

Gun Ban

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern banned assault rifles and military-style semi-automatic weapons just six days after the Christchurch mosque attacks. Ardern put on a headscarf as an act of solidarity after the Christchurch shooting. She wanted to display her solidarity to Sharia law. Then she banned guns.

Less than a year and a half later. she announced if someone refused to be tested for COVID-19 in a medical facility they would not be allowed to leave the facility until they were tested.



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