Driver’s License Examiner who Helped 5 Islamic Men Get Illegal Drivers Licenses Found Burned Beyond Recognition 1 Day Before She Was to Testify

Katherine Smith is killed one day before her scheduled appearance in court on charges she helped five Islamic men (one who left NY on 9/11) get illegal drivers licenses. According to witnesses, she veered into a utility pole when a fire erupted in her car. She was burned beyond recognition. The FBI later determines that gasoline was poured on her clothing before she died in the fire and find that arson was the cause of death.

A suicide note was found, but prosecutors say they are looking for murder suspects. One of the five men, Sakhera Hammad, was found with a pass in his wallet giving access to the restricted areas of the WTC, dated September 5, 2001.

Hammad claims he was a plumber and worked on the WTC’s sprinkler system that day, but the company with exclusive rights to all WTC plumbing work has never heard of him. Smith was being investigated by the FBI; the five later plead guilty to charges of fraud. [Go Memphis, 2/12/2002; Associated Press, 2/13/2002; Reuters, 2/15/2002; Commercial Appeal (Memphis), 2/21/2002]

One of the five, Khaled Odtllah, drove from New York City to Memphis on 9/11.

Tennessee is one of only four US states that doesn’t require a Social Security card to get a driver’s license.

A prosecutor accuses each of the five men of attempting to acquire a “completely false and untraceable identity.” [Associated Press, 2/12/2002; Associated Press, 2/15/2002]

One month later, the coroner who examines her body is targeted by a bomb, which is defused.

Then in June the coroner is attacked, bound with barbed wire, and left with a bomb tied to his body, but he survives.  [Commercial Appeal (Memphis), 3/14/2002]

Resource: 911

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