Facebook Hires New Google and Soros Funded Fact-Checker, Full Fact, as Newest Arbiter of Truth

In it’s ongoing effort to combat “fake news,” Facebook has hired a non-profit in Britain funded by liberal billionaire activist George Soros, Google and others to serve as a “fact checker.”

The BBC reports the non-profit Full Fact will “review stories, images and videos and rate them based on accuracy.”

Newsbusters points out that, according to Full Fact’s funding page, Google and Soros have donated extensively to Full Fact in 2018 alone.

The British non-profit is also funded by Pierre Omidyar, who funds the “Never Trump” site the Bulwark, headed by Bill Kristol.

Newsbusters noted Soros-funded organizations such as Color of Change have lobbied to have Facebook undergo a civil-rights audit.

Facebook no longer has any conservative fact-checkers since the closing of the Weekly Standard.

Full Fact insists it has no partisan biases, but Newsbusters points to the fact checker’s website, where it states: “Ultimately, it is for our audience to judge for themselves whether we succeed.”

In 2018, Google donated the equivalent of nearly $300,000 to Full Fact. Open Society Foundations, funded by Soros, gave more than $90,000.

Newsbusters reported Full Fact’s lead editor, Tom Phillips, formerly was editor at Buzzfeed UK, where he has written extensively on the “alt-right.”

He wrote a piece about the 2016 American election, calling it a “churning hellscape.”

Phillips posted a photo of a weeping woman with the caption: “It’s okay. We can get through this nightmare together! Grab your favorite crying pillow.”

Wired reported pieces determined by Full Fact to be “fake news” will not be deleted. But they will be “shown lower in users’ news feeds” to decrease the number of people who will see them.

Source: https://www.wnd.com/2019/01/google-soros-fund-facebooks-new-fact-checker/#XFTuMjfg7B44yZo4.99

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