Facebook Shuts Down ‘500 Mom Strong’ Group That Advocated Against Drag Queen Story Hour

500 Mom Strong, a Facebook group for mothers opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour, was banned because their presence is considered “transphobic.” As of June 1, the group was flagged for violating Terms of Service, and was promptly banned.
The owner of the now banned Facebook page had reported that the group had been under attack for some time now, and her final group removal had been on the horizon for some time.

The Facebook Community Standards violation that Facebook used to remove the group was for “transphobic” language.

Anna Hall Bohach, who founded and ran the group, noted in an email to The Christian Post that threats to remove the group began when it was flagged for hate speech consistently.

Facebook told 500 Mom Strong that Facebook’s policy was made “to protect against recidivist behavior and do not allow people to set up new Pages that represent Pages that have already been removed from our platform.”

According to Bohach she “shared a post that said, ‘Reminder: Women don’t have to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.’” This is just one example of the ‘hate speech’ violations alleged against 500 Mom Strong.

Bohach also claims there have been parody pages set up largely by trans people or their allies who have posted hateful rhetoric towards the legitimate 500 Mom Strong group.

“When I asked them about the half dozen other fake 500 Mom Strong pages that were put up by drag queens [and] used to parody 500 Mom Strong, I received no answer and the pages are still active. There is also a fake profile, created by drag queens, using my name and information that has been reported multiple times by my friends and me that Facebook refuses to remove. I asked the Facebook representative about it and I still have yet to receive an answer,” Bohach said.

None of these pages appear to be flagged or removed.

500 Mom Strong has not been reinstated.

Source: National File

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