Famous Magician (and Intelligence Asset?), Harry Houdini, Dies After being Poisoned?

by Paul A Drockton M.A.

After reading “Gematria 9-11” aloud to my wife, and then showing her the “1164 Facade” where “Bewitched” was filmed, she commented that it sounded like the Laurel Canyon research of D McGowan. McGowan has uncovered the strange nexus of entertainment, politics and perverted and deadly partying that exists in Laurel Canyon, a suburb of L.A.

So I did a search for “1164 Laurel Canyon” and guess what? It’s the address of the Laurel Canyon Association.


“Laurel Canyon– a heavily wooded, rustic, serene, yet vaguely ominous slice of LA nestled in the hills that separate the Los Angeles basin from the San Fernando Valley.  Musicians, singers and songwriters suddenly begin to gather as though summoned there by some unseen Pied Piper.”  Gram Parsons; The Mamas and Papas; Buffalo Springfield; the Byrds; the Monkees; Steppenwolf; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Neil Young; Frank Zappa; Alice Cooper; Jimi Hendrix and Charles Manson.”

This from a frequent reader of our site. Laurel Canyon is indeed and a Los Angeles oddity with a very interesting past. In this series of articles we will show why we believe that this area is also an Illuminati Headquarters in the United States. Laurel Canyon once hosted both legendary magician Henry Houdini and his widow:

“Houdini said Hollywood was his favorite place. The nine or so months that he stayed here may have been the happiest time of his life.  The house at 2435 Laurel Canyon Blvd. was built on solid rock and the hills around it were honeycombed with caves, some natural, some man-made. There was an elevator which took passengers down through the solid rock to a tunnel that went under Laurel Canyon Boulevard and came up in the gatehouse of the Walker mansion. At that time, Laurel Canyon was a wild and romantic spot. After his sojourn in Hollywood, Houdini returned to New York and to vaudeville. He also wrote, produced, and starred in two more feature films. It is well known how he died in 1926 at the age of 52 from a burst appendix.  For the next several years, his widow referred to her home in Hollywood, meaning “Houdini House,” Walker’s  guest house. In 1934, Bessie Houdini returned to 2435 Laurel Canyon. There, she conducted at least one séance to try to contact the spirit of her late husband. (link)

The gentleman who built one of the first Laurel Canyon Mansions, a furniture magnate, was himself no stranger to misfortune:

“While music and reveling filled the air, the son stole away from the party and met with his lover on one of the balconies overlooking Laurel Canyon trail at the back of the house. The moonlight set a romantic mood and the two men gazed warmly into another’s eyes. It was an era when gay men dared not to reveal themselves, especially those who were the heirs to furniture empire. But the romantic mood did not last and for some reason, an argument ensued. The orchestra had just taken an intermission when a scream filled the air. The heir to the furniture fortune had pushed his young lover off the balcony and his body now lay in a pool of blood more than 30 feet below.” (source)

He apparently died penniless defending his homosexual son against a murder charge. Even more remarkable, is the story of various underground tunnels, caves and caverns. For example, the aforementioned furniture magnate’s home:

“the foundation is said to have been riddled with secret passageways, tunnels, and hidden chambers. Similarly, the grounds of the estate were (and still are) laced with trails leading to grottoes, elaborate stone structures, and hidden caves and tunnels.” (source)

The fact that various “white supremacist” groups operated from “Look-out Mountain” within the canyon, is also mentioned by the Homeowner’s Association of Laurel Canyon:

“restrictive covenants were attached to the new parcel deeds. These were thinly veiled attempts to limit ownership to white males of a certain class. While there are many references to the bigotry of the developers in our area, it would appear that some residents were also prone to bias and lawlessness. This article was published in a local paper in 1925:

Frank Sanceri, the man who was flogged by self-styled ‘white knights’ on Lookout Mountain in Hollywood several months ago, was found not guilty by a jury in Superior Judge Shea’s courtroom of having unlawfully attacked Astrea Jolley, aged 11.”

As for Houdini:

Harry Houdini died on Halloween day, 1926, purportedly of an attack of appendicitis precipitated by a blow to the stomach. The problem with that story, however, is that medical science now recognizes it to be an impossibility. According to a recent book about the famed illusionist (The Secret Life of Houdini, by William Kalush and Larry Sloman), Houdini was likely murdered by poisoning. Questions have been raised, the book notes, by the curious lack of an autopsy, an “experimental serum” that Houdini was apparently given in the hospital, and indications that his wife, Bess, may have been poisoned as well (though she survived). On March 23, 2007, an exhumation of Houdini’s remains was formally requested by his surviving family members.” (source)

Even more intriguing, is the revelation that Henry Houdini was an “Intelligence Asset”:

What the book does do, however, is compellingly document that Houdini was, in fact, an intelligence asset who used his magic act as a cover. Not only did the authors obtain corroborating documentation from Scotland Yard, they also received an endorsement of their claim from no less an authority than John McLaughlin, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (ibid)

Lookout Mountain Film Studio:

“What would become known as Lookout Mountain Laboratory was originally envisioned as an air defense center. Built in 1941 and nestled in two-and-a-half secluded acres off what is now Wonderland Park Avenue, the installation was hidden from view and surrounded by an electrified fence. By 1947, the facility featured a fully operational movie studio. In fact, it is claimed that it was perhaps the world’s only completely self-contained movie studio. With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults. It also had underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter.

Over its lifetime, the studio produced some 19,000 classified motion pictures – more than all the Hollywood studios combined (which I guess makes Laurel Canyon the real ‘motion picture capital of the world’). Officially, the facility was run by the U.S. Air Force and did nothing more nefarious than process AEC footage of atomic and nuclear bomb tests. The studio, however, was clearly equipped to do far more than just process film. There are indications that Lookout Mountain Laboratory had an advanced research and development department that was on the cutting edge of new film technologies. Such technological advances as 3-D effects were apparently first developed at the Laurel Canyon site. And Hollywood luminaries like John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe were given clearance to work at the facility on undisclosed projects. There is no indication that any of them ever spoke of their work at the clandestine studio.

The facility retained as many as 250 producers, directors, technicians, editors, animators, etc., both civilian and military, all with top security clearances – and all reporting to work in a secluded corner of Laurel Canyon. Accounts vary as to when the facility ceased operations. Some claim it was in 1969, while others say the installation remained in operation longer. In any event, by all accounts the secret bunker had been up and running for more than twenty years before Laurel Canyon’s rebellious teen years, and it remained operational for the most turbulent of those years.

The existence of the facility remained unknown to the general public until the early 1990s, though it had long been rumored that the CIA operated a secret movie studio somewhere in or near Hollywood. Filmmaker Peter Kuran was the first to learn of its existence, through classified documents he obtained while researching his 1995 documentary, “Trinity and Beyond.” (source)

It appears that this facility was also used to create films for MK-Ultra mind programming. Films that are still in use by the Global Illuminati Elite. One cannot help but wonder how many former Nazis, brought into the US via “Operation Paperclip” were active in producing these “training films”. Also worth noting is that Walt Disney, who Fritz Springmeier stated was a leading Illuminist, visited the facility. His films, “Alice in Wonderland”, Fantasia etc., have also been used in “Mind Programming”.  Fritz also spoke about a maze of tunnels and pedophilia underneath the California, Walt Disney World theme park.

Svali, an Illuminati Defector, stated that the Cult had a location in California which made all of the training films for “Trauma-based mind control”. No other place has been identified besides this one. These training films were undoubtedly also a part of the MK-Ultra program and would prove to be an extremely  important key in exposing the Illuminati fraud and global conspiracy. I would love to get my hands on one for publication and exposure purposes.

Were James Dean, Natalie Wood, Nick Adams and others some of the first victims of the MK-Ultra experiments? One of the characteristics of Trauma-based mind control is that it breaks down in the mid 20s to 30s. If a candidate cannot be reprogrammed, they are usually dispatched in snuff films, or simply murdered in a staged suicide or accident. A tragic end for an equally tragic life. (Much Thanks to David McGowen for his research on Laurel Canyon)

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