FBI Caught Covering Up Strzok and Page Emails Regarding Seth Rich

Wray’s FBI lies again and claims it did nothing wrong. Attorney Ty Clevenger reported to the courts on Monday that despite numerous assurances from the FBI that they had no information related to Seth Rich, the FBI had been caught and therefore was lying to him all this time.  (See timeline below).

In response, the DOJ immediately stepped in with a letter to the judge.  In this letter the DOJ claimed the FBI had met its burden and its search would have located emails “of investigative significance”:

The DOJ next says that after the Mueller sham, Hillary’s email exoneration, the Ukraine Hoax, Fast and Furious, FISA Warrant abuse and much more, the FBI is “entitled to a presumption of good faith”:

The DOJ says that the FBI was not investigating Seth Rich’s death and it has said so and there is no related case:

The DOJ then says that the FBI never said it had searched everyone’s emails and claims it didn’t identify the emails it later released because they were not “substantive” emails:

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