FBI Special Agent David Raynor Suicided One Day Before Testifying Against Clinton and Obama in the “Operation Fast and Furious” Cover Up

FBI Special Agent David Raynor apparently stabbed his wife multiple times, she stabbed him multiple times, and then he shot himself… twice! Does this sound odd to you? Raynor was anticipated to expose the malpractice and corruption of Clinton and Obama in the “Operation Fast and Furious” cover-up to a US Federal Grand Jury before he was found dead at his home. Raynor’s wife was also found dead at the scene.

The two were both murdered using the 52-year-old agent’s own gun. Raynor was “stabbed multiple times” and “shot twice with his own weapon,” according to local media reports. Raynor’s tragic death came just one day before he was due to testify before a US Federal Grand Jury. Special Agent David Raynor and his wife were both found dead. Raynor was expected to testify that Hillary Clinton acted illegally to protect Obama administration crimes while covering up the Fast and Furious scandal.

According to the Baltimore Sun: Authorities, who were offering a $215,000 reward for tips in Suiter’s killing, have struggled to understand what happened. The detective was shot with his own gun, which was found at the scene. Two other shots were fired from the gun, and Davis said there were signs of a brief struggle.

Raynor’s suspicious death is the latest in a sequence of disturbing deaths in Baltimore that are connected to the Clinton/Obama cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious. When President Trump took office, the US Justice Department opened another investigation into Operation Fast and Furious as it pertains to the Baltimore Police Department and impaneled a US Federal Grand Jury.

One of the main witnesses was Detective Sean Suiter, an 18-year veteran of the FBI. Detective Suiter was gunned down in November, in eerily similar circumstances to Raynor, also one day before he could testify.

The couple was found murdered outside their home. Raynor was leading US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s and FBI Director Christopher Wray’s investigation into the murder of Detective Sean Suiter. Raynor believed Suiter was silenced before he could testify that the Obama administration was criminally complicit in allowing guns to flow into the hands of criminals on the Mexican border.

Those guns were involved in the murder of a US Federal Officer, among others, and is seen by investigators as the “Achilles heel of the Obama regime,” due to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Terry’s murder is one of the Obama administration crimes that have no statute of limitations as it involved the killing of a US Federal Officer. Leaked Wikileaks emails also prove Hillary Clinton was fully knowledgeable about the crime which also makes her liable to criminal charges.

Police close off the area around the couple’s home where their bodies were found. The Inspector General’s reports have exposed yet more Hillary Clinton and Obama Administration crimes.

The report, that was released in June 2018, revealed that the FBI discovered evidence that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation had committed “sexual crimes against children.” The report also shows that Obama lied to cover-up parts of these investigations that exposed child trafficking. The IG report proves that the evidence of these crimes has been covered-up by those acting at the highest levels. Obama and Clinton’s crimes are becoming more and more exposed. We need to keep these stories in the light.

Source: http://thegoldwater.com/news/29430

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