Four Former Clinton Bodyguards are Sacrificially Killed to Justify a Large-Scale Retaliation of the Branch Davidians in Waco?

C. LeBleu, T. McKeaham, R. Williams, S. Willis, bodyguards for Bill and Hillary Clinton, were all killed by gunfire in the illegal Waco, Texas raid on the David Koresh Branch Davidian compound. Attorney General Janet Reno aided the cover-up and Hillary Clinton gave the order according to Linda Tripp (CNN interview) and the FLIRProject. According to Ted L. Gunderson, FBI Special Agent In Charge (ret.), these men were all shot in the head in evident assassinations, not at the hands of the Branch Davidians, who took the wrap and some are serving life prison sentences after being framed. See Ted L. Gunderson’s timeline entry for May 12, 2005.

Paul Wilcher was a top attorney and investigator who had dug deep into the Waco siege. Regarding the Waco incident, Wilcher alleged that the initial engagement plan was designed to result in the deaths of US officers (ones they wanted dead to justify a large-scale retaliation.) Coincidentally, out of hundreds of ATF and FBI agents involved in the Waco siege, the only four government agents that died were former Clinton bodyguards. All 76 Branch Davidians were killed.

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