Gab Banned By GoDaddy, Shopify, Medium; AG Plans Investigation; Founder Inundated With Death Threats

The free speech social network Gab was taken offline after being banned by web domain registrar GoDaddy, shopping cart service Shopify, PayPal, payment processor Stripe, web host service Joylent and even blog site Medium since being blamed by the media for the mass shooting in Pittsburgh.

Though heinous crimes are regularly livestreamed by criminal users of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without the owners of those sites being held personally responsible, Gab is being held to a completely different standard and its founder Andrew Torba is being targeted for personal destruction.

Gab’s website now shows only this statement:

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The media is going after Torba’s friends and family:

Torba spoke out about the censorship push on The Alex Jones Show:

Dana Loesch criticized the hypocrisy of the situation on Twitter:

The left’s favorite line is to say “if you don’t like their platforms build your own.”

That’s exactly what Torba did and yet he’s being blacklisted and banned from every service on the internet over the criminal actions of a user which he had no control over and is doing everything in his power to bring to justice.

To accentuate the hypocrisy of the left, or rather the point that the banning of Gab was not about a platform that allowed a future mass murderer to be a member of their site, but about the silencing of free speech, consider how Twitter never acted on hundreds of death threats from the mail bomber only a week prior and the mainstream media merely gave Twitter a slap on the wrist. CNN noted:

The threats, and Twitter’s apparent inaction regarding them, raise new questions regarding social media and radicalization. In this instance, Twitter may well have provided Sayoc with the material that radicalized him, and then it stood idly by as that radicalization led to hundreds of threats.

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