Gannongate: Gay Male Escort Jeff Gannon’s Clearly Partisan Press Conference Question Prompts Others to Uncover the Truth about Him and his Phony News Organization

George W. Bush permitted James Guckert to use an unprecedented Secret Service-approved alias (Jeff Gannon) while having access to the White House for two years as a pool reporter and was regularly called upon by George W. Bush and press secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press conferences. The White House is the most difficult press conference in the world to attend, and only open to the most credentialed professionals from major media, yet Mr. Gannon received special White House permission without any connection to any media.

Gannon had previously advertised himself on internet pornography sites as a male “escort” charging $200 an hour. Gannon is also the subject of independent news reports which have referred to him as the former kidnapped Des Moines, Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch who was forced into child sex-slavery in what is referred to as the Franklin cover up. John DeCamp, attorney and Franklin case investigator, told said, “I believe Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon are one and the same person–but I am not in a position to know positively.” If true, then his first visits to the white house were not as a presstitute, nor as a prostitute, but as a sex slave of a VIP pedophile ring.

There have been many rumors and some evidence over the years that Jeff Gannon is indeed Johnny Gosch, which makes the whole sordid tale of the Franklin Cover-Up even more twisted. Add Hunter S. Thompson (who may have been murdered to silence him) to the mix and this is one of the biggest pedophile cover-ups of all times because it is directly tied to the White House.

According to Secret Service public records of check-in and check-out dates and times (here and here), most of the prostitute’s visits included several hours of time before and/or after press conferences, 32 times on days without press conferences, and 14 visits without checking-out in apparent overnight stays at the White House residence of Mr. Bush. Secret Service would ordinarily declare a security emergency and conduct a full search of the White House if their records indicated a person hadn’t checked-out at the end of a press conference. Apparently, this protocol wasn’t enacted because Mr. Gannon had permission to spend the night.

Jeff Gannon’s employment was gay male prostitution; he had no previous experience as a journalist and no association with any media when he began attending White House press conferences. Jeff Gannon’s gay male website had multiple photos of his fully-naked shaved body, and advertises to prospective clients that his penis is eight inches in length and circumcised.

David Kuo, former top White House adviser in the Bush Administration, revealed in his book, Tempting Fate, the Bush White House team sneers and jokes about the evangelicals so easily deceived by the President. Kuo presents evidence that the Bush people view Christian evangelical leaders and their flocks as ridiculous, silly, nuts, even insane. To the Bush people, Christianity is a farce and Christians are easily duped idiots.

Salon News reported:

…if there’s one other person who did manage to receive the same type of kid-glove treatment from the White House press office, it was Guckert’s boss at GOPUSA and later at Talon News, Bobby Eberle. A Texas-based Republican activist and a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2000, Eberle founded Talon News after he became concerned that the name GOPUSA might appear to have a “built-in bias.” With no journalism background, he too was able to secure a White House press pass, in early 2003, on the strength of representing GOPUSA, dedicated to “spreading the conservative message throughout America.”

Guckert first came to national attention when he asked President Bush a question at his Jan. 26 press conference. Guckert’s query, in which he ridiculed Democratic leaders for having “divorced themselves from reality,” was what initially raised the ire of liberals.

Additionally, Guckert attended the invitation-only White House press Christmas parties in 2003 and 2004, and last holiday season, in a personal posting on GOPUSA, Eberle thanked Karl Rove for his “assistance, guidance, and friendship.”

Talon News was a virtual organization (with no physical office or newsroom) owned by the Web site GOPUSA. Robert Eberle was listed as the president and CEO of both GOPUSA and Talon News. This led to charges that Talon News was created specifically to give Gannon a news organization that he could ostensibly represent, to justify his continuing to visit the White House, be for one profession or the other. By the middle of February 2005, the Talon News website had shut down indefinitely following Gannon’s February 8th resignation.

Gannon and the Plame Affair

From Justin Raimondo at

Joe Wilson, a former ambassador to Gabon, was sent to Niger by the CIA to find out whether Saddam had been trying to procure uranium in that African nation as part of his weapons development program – you know, the one that turned out not to exist. When Wilson returned, he reported that no such attempt had been made, and he was therefore astonished when the president, in his 2003 State of the Union address, made reference to Saddam Hussein, who supposedly “sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” Wilson went public with his mission and its results, which is when the neocon smear machine went after him hammer and tongs. Robert Novak wrote a column in which administration officials were cited as saying that Wilson was a partisan out to get the president and had only gotten the job because his wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent.

At that point, Ms. Plame’s career as a covert agent – apparently assigned to nuclear nonproliferation issues – came to an abrupt end. A crime had been committed – a violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which makes it a felony to “out” a CIA agent on a covert mission – and an investigation was launched. When then-Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself and appointed a special counsel to look into the matter, the political implications of the case became clear.

Whoever was guilty of engineering the “outing” of Plame was also part of a more general effort to discredit Wilson – and head off any further investigation into how so much phony “intelligence” came to be touted by the president and his White House as “fact.” The president’s infamous “16 words” alluding to the Niger uranium caper supposedly launched by the Iraqis turned out to be based on an elaborate forgery – which was exposed by the scientists at the International Atomic Energy Agency, using Google, within hours of receiving the documents.

How did such a fantastic hoax get perpetrated on the Bush White House – and by whom? You can bet the Bushies were really interested in finding out the answers to these questions. That explains the otherwise mysterious Ashcroft recusal and the launching of an extensive investigation that, in its relentless hunt for information, has several journalists facing subpoenas and the threat of jail.

Enter Jeff Gannon, aka Jim Guckert, supposedly a journalist for the “Talon News Agency.” Gannon, a familiar face at White House press briefings who had distinguished himself as outspokenly pro-Bush by the nature and tenor of his questions, somehow finagled Wilson into doing an interview, which was subsequently published on the Talon Web site (and then erased), in which he asked:

An internal government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel details a meeting in early 2002 where your wife, a member of the agency for clandestine service working on Iraqi weapons issues, suggested that you could be sent to investigate the reports. Do you dispute that?”

How did Gannon get his hands on an “internal government memo” that was classified information? That’s what I wanted to know, and the authorities were similarly interested, as the Washington Post reported:

“Sources said the CIA believes that people in the administration continue to release classified information to damage the figures at the center of the controversy, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV and his wife, Valerie Plame. …

“Sources said the CIA is angry about the circulation of a still-classified document to conservative news outlets suggesting Plame had a role in arranging her husband’s trip to Africa for the CIA. The document, written by a State Department official who works for its Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), describes a meeting at the CIA where the Niger trip by Wilson was discussed, said a senior administration official who has seen it.

“CIA officials have challenged the accuracy of the INR document, the official said, because the agency officer identified as talking about Plame’s alleged role in arranging Wilson’s trip could not have attended the meeting.

Is Jeff Gannon (alias James Guckert) Really Johnny Gosch?

Noreen Gosch is the mother of Johnny Gosch. When Johnny Gosch was 12 years of age and working as a paperboy for the Des Moines Register newspaper, he was kidnapped not far from his home. It was a quiet Sunday morning, around 6A.M. on September 5, 1982, when Johnny had left his home on foot to collect his assigned stack of newspapers to deliver around his quintessential “Leave It To Beaver” neighborhood. Just as he was about to pick up his bundle of newspapers, he was forcefully nabbed off the street, shoved into the back seat of a strange car, drugged, and permanently removed from his family. Johnny’s childhood would be destroyed while his family was shattered and consigned to a life of endless grieving.

Years later, on February 5, 1999, in a civil action in a U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, Paul Bonacci painstakingly recounted the sordid, heart breaking details of Johnny Gosch’s abduction and forced participation in an elite government sponsored pedophile sex slave ring, that dehumanized and controlled its young, hapless victims using techniques such as drugs, murder, satanic rituals, sexual abuse, and torture, resulting in MPD (multiple-personality disorder). The children were systemically programmed and “zombified” as part of the CIA’s ongoing, under-the-radar MK-ULTRA (MK = mind control) mind control program.

Bonacci’s attorney was John DeCamp, who later authored a revealing and ground breaking book called The Franklin Cover-Up, which is a no-holds-barred expose of the pedophile ring that had abducted both Johnny Gosch and Paul Bonacci. Paul Bonacci knew what he was talking about regarding Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping in 1982. Why? Because he was there! Bonacci’s role within the pedophile ring was simultaneously that of a victim and a perpetrator. Actually, the then 16 year old Paul Bonacci was the person who had lured and then forced Johnny into the back of the car that screeched away on that fateful September morning. It was Bonacci who had helped drug Johnny, and then proceeded to initiate him into the group, his new “family”, by sexually assaulting him.

Bonacci himself had been abducted and pressed into service as an MK-ULTRA sex slave by Lawrence E. King, a high ranking Republican operative who managed Franklin Savings and Loan in Omaha, Nebraska as a front for an internationally organized pedophile ring. He ran this pedophile ring for the benefit of government, military, and big business elites, whose patronage included political blackmail, snuff films, kiddy pornography, prostitution, illegal arms and drug running, extortion, and money laundering. This was the same Larry King who allegedly ran the infamous midnight “call-boy” tours of the White House, along with Craig Spence. Amazingly, the White House pedophile story was headlined by the Washington Times, on June 29, 1989.

This brings us full circle back to Noreen Gosch. She has been an indefatigable seeker of the truth in all things related to her son’s kidnapping. It was Noreen’s personally funded private detectives, not the police or any branch of law enforcement, who finally uncovered the culprits who were behind Johnny’s kidnapping, including why they had chosen him, for what purpose, and what they had done to him as a result.

Noreen has been instrumental in exposing organized pedophilia, its infrastructure and some of the personalities behind it, as well as helping to expose the pedophile network’s interlocking relationships with elite hierarchies of political, military, and corporate power.

For the past 23 years, Noreen has dedicated her life to educating parents, politicians, police, teachers, children and anyone who would listen to the sordid facts behind child abductions in America, including the hidden menace of organized pedophile rings.

Jim Rothstein, a retired NYC Detective, who spent 35 years on the force, much of it investigating child slavery and pedophile rings, asserts that the evidence is strong that Gannon is actually Johnny Gosch. “To me Gannon looks like Johnny,” Rothstein opines– “Everything just fits – the profile, the M.O., everything, ”

Then there’s the late Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI agent who worked on the Johnny Gosch case for over a decade. Prior to retirement in 1979, Ted Gunderson had over 700 persons under his command and operated a $22 million annual budget. Gunderson said he had a credible source that was certain Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch. “My source has told me in the past that he has maintained contact with Johnny Gosch,” Gunderson reveals, “Let’s just say he’s in a position to know.” “The kids are all in touch with each other. It’s a bond they all share.” Gunderson concludes with, “I’m convinced 99 percent that he is Johnny Gosch. The only way I’d be 100 percent sure is if there was a DNA test or if he admitted it.”

Noreen confirms, “Ted sent me a videotape of his interview with his source and he {source} said Gannon is Gosch, and he said it without hesitation and without blinking an eye, and he said he’s known it for months.” Noreen “believes the man is credible.” Gunderson makes it clear that Bonacci is not his informant, but is quick to add that Bonacci “informed him a while back that Gosch had changed his appearance.”

In fact, there’s even corroboration from John DeCamp, who weighs in with, “Bonacci told me the same thing {that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch}.” And this bombshell from Noreen: “…the birthmark on Johnny’s chest is very similar to a mark seen on Gannon’s chest in at least one photo. Gannon has a spot on his right cheek in the same place as Johnny.” The Rothstein, Gunderson, and Gosch (Noreen) quotes are from an article by Tim Schmitt, “Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson and the Unraveling of a Troubling Tale


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