Geraldo Rivera Investigates the Satanic Underground in the U.S. in his show ‘Devil Worship: Exposing Satan’s Underground’

Geraldo Rivera investigates allegations of a widespread Satanic underground in the United States. He talks to investigators and looks at occult crimes and ritual murders that have been committed in the United States. He also speaks to self-identified Satanists who deny that Satanism is a dangerous religion.

The above includes the testimonies of:

  • Former Satanists and families of those who murdered in the name of Satan (convicted murders Pete Roland, Sean Sellers, Melissa Earnest, Scott Waterhouse, Ricky Kasso, Charles Gervais and others)
  • Cult leader Charles Manson
  • Heavy metal musicians Ozzie Osborne and Kim Petersen (King Diamond)
  • Anton and Zeena LaVey and Michael Aquino
  • Former top FBI Head Ted Gunderson
  • Parents of SRA including the McMartin Preschool where hundreds of children reported sex abuse and satanic ritual abuse.
  • Cheryl Horton who says she was a breeder for a Satanic cult that would force her to have babies that were used in ritual sacrifices.
  • Sandy O’Connell who says she was forced to breed babies and turn them over to a Satanic cult for sacrifice.
  • Lauren Stratford who says that she was a breeder and subject to ritual abuse and child sacrifice.
  • Jacquie Balodis who escaped a Satanic Cult, started the Overcomers Victorious Church to help other former Satanists.

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