Hacked Hillary emails prove State Dept. Colluded with Obama and Clinton Foundation to give Globalists like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs control of the Internet

Christina Sass, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) program director, sent a 62-page CGI leadership email and briefing to two U.S. State Department ambassadors. The primary recipient was Melanne S. Verveer, Hillary Clinton’s first-ever Ambassador-at-large for Global Women’s Issues. Verveer’s husband, Philip L. Verveer, U.S. State Department Ambassador of Telecommunications also received the email. Also copied on the email were Rachel B. Vogelstein, Dept. of State director of global women’s issues, and Giulia Marchiori, CGI government relationships director.

The documents reveal a revolving door relationship among Barack Obama, the State Department, Bill & Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, also called the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). In fact, it appears that CGI was running State Department policy. It reveals over 600 companies organizations, and individuals supporting The Clinton Foundation with tens of billions of dollars in projects, mostly outside the United States. They include numerous Clinton Foundation and Hillary campaign donors, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays Bank, Citigroup, World Bank, Accel Partners (In-Q-Tel – C.I.A., Facebook), Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, John Podesta, Carlos Slim (part owner of The New York Times), Frank Giustra, Uranium One and Qualcomm, among many.


Breaking News, Oct. 05, 2016—Guccifer 2.0 released yesterday a trove of Clinton Foundation documents. Readers are encouraged to download them immediately so they cannot disappear suddenly.

More: A Judicial Watch panel of experts blister the FBI, Justice Dept., State Dept., White House, Congress for permanently damaging public trust in the administration of justice in the government corruption surrounding the Hillary Clinton email server scandal. Judicial Watch link.

America’s digital Benedict Arnold

Fig. 27e–Philip L. Verveer. Traitor to American national interests. Architect of Net Neutrality and the divestiture of ICANN management of global domain naming to an international crowd of dictators, strongmen, corrupt multi-national corporations. Failed to disclose his close collaboration with the Clinton Foundation and their donors including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citibank, World Bank, Accel Partners (In-Q-Tel – C.I.A., Facebook), Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, John Podesta, Carlos Slim, Frank Giustra and Qualcomm.

(Oct. 02, 2016)—Under court order, the State Department just handed over to Citizen’s United a long stonewalled email exchange between Clinton loyalists at the State Department, including two Ambassadors, and the Clinton Foundation.

One of the obscured recipients, Philip L. Verveer, colluded with President Obama to give up America’s control of Internet domain management (ICANN) to the globalists. The problem is that Verveer has undisclosed (and therefore fraudulent) ties to the Clinton Foundation beneficiaries of this decision—including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. The Clinton Foundation donors listed above were primary beneficiaries of the ICANN hand off. Therefore, Barack Obama and Verveer were duty-bound to recuse themselves from these decisions. Failure to recuse was illegal. Both men signed ethics statements promising to “avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

WARNING: Chinese-style net censorship is next unless this decision is unwound. Our conclusion is that anyone in Congress who is FOR or NOT OPPOSING the ICANN transfer is either a globalist, a closet globalist, or is being blackmailed by them. This is a defining moment in the globalist takeover of the Internet. Will free people or immoral oligarchs define its future? The time for procrastination is over. Free people must ACT now. Congress failed to block it, so the official ICANN hand over date was last Saturday, Oct. 01, 2016. Now it must be unwound for fraud, which we prove in this post.

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