Houston MassResistance exposes “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dresser as Convicted Pedophile

Explosive VIDEO: Local TV news report: “Houston MassResistance press conference – Houston Public Library admits that registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime” (2 min 37 sec)

Houston city officials have been forced to back down and apologize to the public after Houston MassResistance activists exposed the criminal record of one of their “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dressers. It turns out he is a registered child sex offender! This man has been reading to children at those public library events.

The exposé came at an explosive press conference held by Houston MassResistance outside Houston’s Freed-Montrose Public Library on Friday afternoon. Within hours, the report was being broadcast on local Houston television.

MassResistance revealed that Alberto Garza, 32, who goes by the Drag Queen name Tatiana Mala-Niña, was convicted in 2008 for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy. The library had failed to do a background check on any of the “Drag Queens,” despite requirements and warnings by MassResistance.

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