Hurricane Katrina Devastates Louisiana and Mississipi: Was this a Manipulated Storm by the Global Elite?


On August 25th, Professor McCanney posted an update on his website:We have had severe solar activity but it subsided just as hurricane Katrina picked up steam immediately after leaving Florida. The ‘ole warm water theory cannot explain how this became a category 4 hurricane in minutes after leaving Florida… and the path… is truly not a natural hurricane path by any historical standards. You decide! And once again, why the long wait to evacuate New Orleans???

Remember, this is the 5th major storm to hit this oil rich area starting with Ivan just one year ago.”

And on August 29th:

we have scoured the news announcements and the MAIN THEME is not that this may be the end of New Orleans as we know it or the devastating loss of life and property or the fact that this storm could have been reduced in energy … the people at NOAA have had my information and since the 1990s have refused to look at using this simple technique to reduce and move storms out of harms way … INSTEAD the main theme of the news media is that this will increase your oil and heating prices … if you do not think this storm was manipulated … get a clue … and it was not by the iranians !!!!

August 30, 2005 update:

After Katrina, as the US gulf oil production facilities and those of florida declared that they will take time to regain capacity … and with the price of gas going up 20 cents overnight … geeee the saudies were sure nice to offer to start pumping some more oil to offset our “loss” … increasing our dependency on foreign oil … are you starting to get the picture ???

OK … so how does this work ?? the gas prices went up 20 cents per gallon BEFORE the hurricane hit the oil producing areas … If the storm would have proceeded due north (as predicted) it would have hit new orleans and missed the oil producing areas … seems that  someone was awful sure of the path of this storm turning east and hitting the oil areas dead on … and sure enough it did … the path did such a hard right and the path so ridiculously and obviously controlled that the major satellite distributors of information are not showing the true path … the path of this storm as a whole is so out of normality from standard hurricane paths that it is not funny (all the way from the Bahamas) … the following is the path and even today the storm is far east of what they are reporting as the “path” … see for yourselves … look USA … you are being had … as in BIG TIME …

the following is the “official path” … not showing the hard right that Katrina took … hours before land fall it was actually headed WEST of new orleans … then it headed north and dead on to new orleans … as the eye made its way inland only a few miles it made a hard right (not shown on the “official path” below) and hit the oil refineries dead on that lie in southern coastal areas all the way to mobile … all the roofs in mobile were gone … and guess where FEMA was stationed … MOBILE !!!! … aren’t the folks in mobile starting to wonder ??? this is the 5th major storm to hit in less than a year … this one did not miss the oil platforms or the refineries OR THE OIL FUTURES TRADING … who owns the oil anyway?

THERE IS A FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITING THE USE OF NATURAL DISASTERS FOR PROFITEERING … but apparently that is being overlooked by the fed and “our oil president” (who remember is just a mindless little alter boy puppet front man for the true owners of the fed) … now see the “official path” showing the storm going right over new orleans … they even try to compensate eastward just a little in central alabama but it is still not enough to get even close to the true path … we all know that the eye did not go over new orleans … so why does this map show it ??? because the true path is so ridiculous … taking that hard right turn to mobile …

September 8th update:

we are currently seeing tremendous flaring from the sun and also localized electrical discharges that are creating severe x-ray activity in the vicinity of earth and creating the possibility of more sever weather as the ionosphere is being pumped up electrically … something that standard science refuses to acknowledge or report … listen to my radio show tonight for details of this and other earth weather conditions … jim mccanney

Listen to September 8th radio show

Why did the Levies Break in New Orleans?

In the 35 years since Hurricane Camille, New Orleans’ levees were upgraded to withstand a Category 3 hurricane direct hit. Katrina was predicted to be a Category 3 hurricane aimed directly at New Orleans but it took a sharp eastern turn away from New Orleans and winds diminished considerably as well before it hit the mainland.

This weather report has Katrina a Category 1 hurricane at landfall:

Investigator Wayne Madsen reported the jamming of radio signals during Katrina were eminating from a Navy ship to the SW of New Orleans in the Gulf. (source) Gold mining engineer Bryan Cowan from Perth, Australia, said if the levees were blown up, seismographs would depict the explosions. Katrina landed at 6 am BUT the seismographic recording blanked out at 7 am even though the recording station was located in Livingston, Louisana, 148 miles from Hattiesburg, Mississippi! The seismic stations communicate with their recorders by radio signal that was jammed.

With Katrina passing EAST of New Orleans, the 20+ foot storm surges and the strongest winds occurred in Mississippi.

The 17th Street Canal walls were new construction that had been completed. (source)

Dr. Shea Penland of the Pontchartrain Institute was surprised because the break was “along a section that was just upgraded. It did not have an earthen levee, it had a vertical concrete wall SEVERAL FEET THICK.” It was a CANAL WALL, not a levee. (source)

Al Naomi, senior project manager in the Corps’ New Orleans District, says, “The project’s design was not adequate for a storm of this nature.” He adds that to cover a Category 5 storm, work on storm protection improvements would have had to start 20 or 25 years ago. The levee breaches occurred in areas that were “in excellent condition” before the storm and were inspected, said Naomi. He said there was nothing the Corps could have done involving the completed floodwalls that could have prevented the breaches. (source)

Scientists and engineers at Louisiana State University’s Hurricane Center with the help of computer models and visual evidence concluded that the levee system should have been sufficient to keep most of the city dry. They also said Katrina’s storm surges did not come close to going over the floodwalls, contradicting statements from the Army Corps of Engineers, which has said the surges sent water from Lake Pontchartrain over the top of the concrete walls. (source)

A retired LSU coastal engineer noted that the canal wall gave way all at once. The canal wall was built on top of driven I-beams. Joseph Suhayda said that his inspection of the debris from the 17th Street Canal breach suggests the wall simply gave way. “It looks to have been laterally pushed, not scoured in back with dirt being removed in pieces,” he said. “You can see levee material, some distance pushed inside the floodwall area, like a bulldozer pushed it.” “Those sections in the rest of the wall should have been subjected to the same forces as that section that failed,” he said. “Why did one side fail, not the other side?”

The day after Katrina smacked the city, Daniel Weber, who had watched his wife drown, wept and screamed about the barge, how it had “just killed so many people.” He had barely escaped by floating on a piece of wood until rescued 14 hours later.”It’s just not right, it’s not right,” he sobbed. “It just came rushing in so fast. I was looking at the levee, and water was just splashing over it a little – and then, BOOM! The barge hit, and it filled up in less than five minutes.” (source)

Truckdriver Joe Edwards heard the levee being demolished and saw the inrushing water take out his house and his mother’s house.

Leonardo Ramirez, a construction worker and Metairie resident who lives near the breached area, said he thought he heard a barge hitting the levee early Aug. 29, though he did not see it happen.
“At quarter to six in the morning we heard a huge bang, and then we heard another,” he said. “It was so loud. It scared us.” (source)

Louis Farrakhan claimed, “I heard from a very reliable source who saw a 25 foot deep crater under the levee breach.” (source)

Investigative journalist Hal Turner reported that a US Army Corps of Engineers diver found explosive residue on concrete from a collapsed levee. The diver sent a sample to a Army lab where it was identified as a Navy explosive used for underwater blasting. FEMA told the diver to mind his own business. (source)

Whistleblower Tom Heneghan claims up to 25 residents have come forward who witnessed hearing explosions before the flooding. (source)

ANOTHER CLUE: Many storm surge gauges stopped functioning during the storm. (source)


What happened to Katrina? After studying satellite images of large weather systems with “deleted” sections, and telltale “scalar” imprints of oddly shaped and aligned clouds, Northwest news affiliate meteorologist Scott Stevens was sure the weather was being deliberately manipulated. With 72-hour forecasts persistently and wildly wrong across the USA, this veteran TV weatherman was convinced that sophisticated forecasting models were not accounting for “artificial weather” betraying the “hand of man” in formerly natural processes.

Stevens began using “scalar weapons signatures” to improve his forecasting record. There was no question in his mind that the storms he was seeing were being “altered and guided to their final destinations. Is there some combination of chemtrails and scalar weapons at work to control earth’s weather?” he wondered. [;; ]

Did the latest weather modifying technology involve electromagnetic force?

Stevens was on to something.

On the morning of September 5, 2004, WFOR-TV reporter Dave Malkoff had been on hurricane watch at Juno Beach just north of West Palm Beach, Florida when he was drawn to something on the water. Frances was coming in at a walk as Malkoff strode to the water’s edge to get a closer look.

“Gel foam down here on the ocean,” Malkoff told viewers. “Once these waves crash, you’re going to see something interesting. Once the waves crash they instantly mix with foam-watch! That’s the foam right there. And it instantly turns into like a foam that you would have in your bathtub, and it blows away like a solid. Instantly, this foam that’s coming off the ocean mixes with the sand and is blowing down this way.”

Whatever he was seeing was too thick for familiar ocean foam. Confirmation came later that morning when a CBS-affiliate reported from Pompano Beach: “White foam all across the water. And it is not blowing away.”

Three years before, on July 19, 2001, ABC News had reported similar gelatinous goo washing up on beaches in West Palm Beach. Identified as Dyn-O-Gel, this air-dropped desiccant had been designed by the Dyn-O-Mat Corporation of West Palm Beach to dry up hurricanes and dial them down. []

Just before Frances struck the Florida panhandle, its central eye suddenly expanded from the usual 20 miles across to 70 nautical miles wide. “That is just unbelievably large,” exclaimed a CNN affiliate out of Jacksonville. “And it’s moving unbelievably slow. If it’s going five, they say eight miles an hour. It could take 10 hours for the eye to go through. I mean that’s crazy.”

It took 13.

The slow-moving hurricane dumped more than 18 inches of rain on some locations, causing $9 billion in damage, mostly in Florida.

Dumping more heavy rains, and packing winds of 120 mph, Hurricane Ivan came ashore in Alabama on September 16, 2004. The Category 5 storm weakened as it moved inland. Emerging over the Atlantic Ocean, the storm unexpectedly drifted southward for several days before crossing southern Florida and re-entering the Gulf of Mexico on the 21st.

A day later, Ivan deepened into a tropical storm again. After storm surges completely engulfed the island of Grand Cayman, damaging or destroying almost every building, Ivan killed 92 people and caused $14 billion in damage in the US alone-the third largest total on record.

Slowing down a hurricane’s advance, and increasing its destructive precipitation are hallmarks of hurricane modification.
A U.S. military source later confirmed to this reporter through an intermediary that a squadron of rapidly-reloaded C-130 transport planes-“hot refueled” with the engines running-had repeatedly dropped chemicals into hurricanes Ivan and Frances in 2004.


The 2004 season’s unannounced hurricane mitigation efforts were an outgrowth of Project Stormfury. Seeding Atlantic hurricanes in 1963, 1969 and 1971, the intention was to introduce artificial nuclei into these massive storms, altering internal rain patterns and collapsing eye walls into less destructive twins. In August 1969, Hurricane Debbie’s intensity was temporarily reduced by 30% after being seeded twice over four days by several aircraft. [AP Sept. 23/05;]

But seeding Hurricane Camille backfired. On August 17, 1969 the 909mb hurricane struck Mississippi with 190 mph winds as a record 25-foot storm surge submerged homes up to two miles inland. The Tri-State Natural Weather Association blamed the strongest storm to ever hit the United States mainland on “inept science.” [Courier Press July 16/06]
The unforeseen consequences of Stormfury caused a United States Air-Force report to conclude: “Due to the fact that the consequences of weather manipulation are so uncertain, many wonder if it is such a wise idea in the first place.” [Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025]

“Every time we’ve tampered with an ecosystem, we’ve caused some real problems,” echoed Dr. James Durbin, professor of climatology at the University of Southern Indiana. Failing to learn from disastrous past attempts, we “think we can control Nature, but we can’t.”

On December 13, 2005-not long after Katrina’s traumatic touchdown-Director of the Department of Commerce, John Marburger III wrote to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in response to pending bill S. 517. Hutchison’s “Weather Modification” act sought to officially established weather tampering as a federal department in Washington DC.

“The legal and liability issues pertaining to weather modification, and the potential adverse consequences on life, property, and water resource availability resulting from weather modification activities, must be considered fully before the U.S. Government could take responsibility for this new research program,” Marburger warned. “Small and large scale (e.g., hurricane) weather modification efforts could benefit the United States to the detriment of other countries (such as Canada or Mexico).” [Bay Area Indymedia Dec 13/05.


“The government, which could have and should have provided water and food to residents of New Orleans, has not done so intentionally to force people to evacuate by starving them out. This is a crime of the gravest sort,” As Mitchel Cohen asserts in “People of the Dome”.

“We need to understand that the capability has been there from the start to drive water and food right up to the convention center, as those roads have been clear. It’s how the National Guard drove into the city. On Wednesday a number of Greens tried to bring a large amount of water to the Superdome. They were prevented from doing so, as have many others. Why have food and water been blocked from reaching tens of thousands of poor people?

“They even refused to allow voluntary workers who had rescued over 1,000 people in boats over the previous days to continue on Thursday… and had to be “convinced” at gunpoint to “cease and desist”. There is something sinister going down… its not just incompetence or negligence.”

As Aaron Broussard, President of Jefferson Parish told the press on September 4, FEMA turned back three trailer trucks of water from Wal-Mart. A Coast Guard vessel offered 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel. But “when we got there with our trucks, they got a word. ‘FEMA says don’t give you the fuel.’ FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without notice.”

Renita Hosler, spokeswoman for the Red Cross, complained that “the Homeland Security Department has requested and continues to request that the Red Cross not come back to New Orleans… We have been at the table every single day. We cannot get into New Orleans against their orders.”

As Cohen resumes, “The unprepared were left to die in the flood, the poor and black were shunted into filthy detention centers, and the city was transformed into a war-zone replete with armored vehicles and 70,000 military personnel roaming the streets. The men and women who lost their lives in New Orleans they are the blameless victims of a government strategy that is as abstruse as it is lethal.

“Bush was not ‘misinformed’ nor was the ‘White House in a fog’ as the media insists. The evidence clearly demonstrates that the warnings were deliberately delayed, aid was deliberately obstructed, rescue-efforts were deliberately sabotaged, and the entire action was part of a broader government operation to achieve an ‘unknown’ objective.

That objective was a radical demographic displacement of disadvantaged black people from neighborhoods they had resided in with verve and vibrancy for generations. “The largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War,” according to The Washington Post, was “so dramatic,” wrote Naomi Klein, “that some evacuees describe it as ‘ethnic cleansing’.” [Washington Post Sept 2/05; Nation Oct 10/05]
Killing more than 1,577 people-mostly black Americans, who had been discouraged with roadblocks and gunfire from evacuating over city bridges into surrounding white communities-Katrina was the most destructive hurricane on record in the United States. With 80% of New Orleans initially underwater, damage exceeding $100 billion resulted in the forced relocation of some 300,000 residents of the city’s historic ethnic community-including “folk artists, brass-band high-steppers, corner barbers, Mardi Gras Indians, dive-bar guitarists,” wrote Manuel Roig-Franzia. “Gone with them is one of the world’s most intriguing street-life scenes, a culture blended of Catholicism and voodoo, Haitians and Italians, Spaniards and French, slaves and free men…. The poor black neighborhoods birthed jazz funerals and the spontaneous second-line parades are ghost towns.”


On the below episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin features special coverage dedicated to the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, discussing the military response to the humanitarian disaster and why Blackwater mercenary forces were sent in to New Orleans as first responders. Abby then speaks with Ward “Mack” McClendon, founder of the Lower Ninth Ward Village, a community center that served as one of the only sanctuaries for adults and children of the Lower Ninth Ward, the area hardest hit by Katrina about his experience with the storm and how he is revitalizing his community. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with two co-founders of Common Ground Collective, Malik Rahim and Scott Crow, about the white militias that patrolled the Algiers Point neighborhood and killed as many as 11 black people in the aftermath of the storm.


Kajun’s Pub in New Orleans was built from scratch by JoAnn Guidos. It opened in 2004. A year later, Hurricane Katrina hit. Despite evacuation orders, JoAnn remained. She protected her pub from looters with a shotgun. That is until US Marshalls showed up with their M16s.

We stayed open during Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures. Even though we took a couple of inches of water, we had generators and beer and protection. I pulled my guns out to let the scavengers know that this wasn’t a place they wanted to be.

For the next week and a half, the police, firemen and rescue workers all saw me with my guns out around my bar and none of them said a word. They knew I was protecting my business, my customers and my staff. We became the hub of the neighborhood because we were the only safehaven. Several times we supplied ice for nurses and caregivers for their patients. They told us later that we saved lives. None of that would have happened if I hadn’t had my guns because the police could only do so much.

Nine days after Katrina made landfall, a New Orleans Police Officer showed up and told us we had to leave – a ‘mandatory evacuation’. I told him ‘you come back here at five and we’ll go together.’ I never saw him again.

That’s when the U.S. Marshals came.

They pulled their M16s on us and told us all to get against the wall. They came in and confiscated all my weapons. And by confiscated, I mean taken at gunpoint. I have never been able to recover any of my original collection, but I have since replaced them with new ones.

I’m a survivor. I lived through Betsy, Camille, Andrew and Katrina. I know what it means to be a responsible well-armed citizen. My guns represent my protection and my freedom. I’ll be damned if I will ever allow my weapons to be confiscated again. – JoAnn Guidos

See also this collection of reports compiled by Infowars following Hurricane Katrina where troops and police went door to door confiscating guns and how preachers sold this idea to their flock.


Two years later, Ruthie the Duck Girl is gone. St. Roch Market and the pink grocery stand silent. The Saturn Bar is shuttered. And with a Brown University study concluding that 80% of New Orleans’s black population may never return, “miles of culturally vibrant neighborhoods that once smelled of simmering red beans and hosted funky second-line parades lie dark and empty,” writes Roig-Franzia.

With Faubourg Treme slated to become exclusive condominiums for rich white folks, Shelby Wilson suspects “a screw job, a power play.”

“It can certainly be a whitewashed city,” echoes University of Kentucky professor and New Orleans marching club expert, Michael Crutcher. “‘Whitewashed’ means both things-sanitized and whiter.”

“They’re trying to mold this city into a pseudo-Disneyland, gambling center, party center, a facade,” Wilson concludes. “But that is not what New Orleans is about.” [Washington Post Feb 3/06]



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