Italian Navigator, Amerigo Vespucci, is born in Florence, Italy

He played a significant role in the establishment of America. He was the first to establish that America was a new continent and not a part of Asia. Amerigo’s legacy is not only his name, but in his dignity and devotion to the divine. Amerigo had believed for years before any actual discovery that there was a New World. ‘Those new regions which we found we may rightly call a New World.’ Unbeknownst to Amerigo, the New World was to be given his name. A group of scholars at the university of St. Die in Lorrain obtained copies of Amerigo’s letters to Piero and published them. In the ninth chapter of the book ‘’Cosmographie Introduction’’, one of the scholars suggested naming the New World America:

But now that these parts of the world have been widely examined and another fourth part has been discovered by Amerigo Vespucci, … I see no reason why we should not call it America, that is to say, land of Americus, for Americus its discoverer, man of sagacious wit, just as Europe and Asia received in days gone by their names from women. It is fitting that … in as much as Americus discovered it (and mapped it) it be called Amerige, or let us say land of Americi that is: america.

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