Joint Senate Hearing on Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

[Beginning of live opening statement in hearing by Admiral Stansfield Turner, Director of CIA paraphrased and reduced by author]

I would like to thank the Committee for reminding us all that the events about which we are here to talk are 12- to 24-years old. They in no way represent the current activities or policies of the CIA. [Note: Repeated adamant remarks by Admiral Turner this type of activity was completely terminated over 12 years ago which would be 1965]

What we are here to do is to give you all of the information that we now have on Project MKULTRA, operational span was 1953-1964. This was an umbrella project under which there were numerous subprojects for research on drugs and behavioral modification, among other things. The new material we offer is a supplement to the considerable material that was made available in 1975 during the Church committee hearings. The most important information there was a report of the CIA’s Inspector General written in 1963. This led directly to the termination of MKULTRA in 1964.

This information from 1975 was sparse due to the destruction of project documents that occurred in 1973. [Note: This is typical for intelligence agencies when the operation is blown (made public) destroy the paper trail. Today everything is digital and due to NSA’s preeminent ability to acquire a full spectrum dominance across the US, corruption and criminal activity is very difficult to conceal.]

The 7 boxes of materials that was recently found had been sent to our Retired Records Center in 1970. It was discovered by an employee fulfilling a FOIA request. The only reason this material escaped destruction in 1973 was that it was not filed under MKULTRA but instead was filed under Budget and Fiscal Section.

Let me remind you that the new material is finance folders and does not inform much about the nature of the subprojects. There are roughly 3 categories of projects within MKULTRA. First, there are 149 subprojects which appear to be connected to research into behavioral modification, drug acquisition and testing, or administering drugs surreptitiously. Second, there are 2 boxes of miscellaneous papers revealing intermediary funding mechanisms used to conceal CIA sponsorship of various research projects. Finally, there are 33 subprojects funded under MKULTRA but have nothing to do with MKULTRA activities.

We have attempted to categorize the 149 subprojects which comprise the MKULTRA activities. [Note: These are all listed in Part 3 of this report. Here I will only include information if it was not reported there in Part 3.]

12. Under CIA’s Project MKNAOMI, the Army assisted the CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining
biological agents and delivery systems for use against humans as well as against animals and crops. [Note: This location and research have been reported to be the result of the pioneering work of Nazi/German scientists acquired by the government as part of Operation PAPERCLIP]

The principal types of activities included in these documents have mostly been described in previous reports/hearings. The most significant new data discovered are the names of researchers and institutions who participated in MKULTRA projects. Also uncovered is a possibly improper contribution by the CIA to a private institution. We now have 185 names of nongovernment researchers and assistants who were involved with these 149 subprojects. There are also 80 names of institutions where work was done on these subprojects which include 44 colleges/universities, 15 research foundations or chemical/pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals/clinics, and 3 penal institutions.

The newly discovered documents also give a greater insight into the scope of the unwitting nature of the drug testing, some of which was carried out in safe houses in San Francisco and New York City. Three individuals were identified with this activity. There was also unwitting testing on criminal sexual psychopaths in State Hospitals. Some research was also done on a “knockout” drug (K drug) in parallel research.

At this time, I am providing to the Committee the previously mentioned names on a classified basis along with all of the documentation. Let me emphasize again that the MKULTRA events are 12 to 24 years in the past, and I assure you that CIA is in no way engaged in either witting or unwitting testing of drugs today. [Note: Again, we have the adamant disclaimer that seems to say that the MKULTRA activities were completely discontinued over 12 years ago which would be in 1965. In fact, what it actually says is that the CIA is no longer doing drug testing — which was a small part of overall MKULTRA activities.]

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PDF containing report and documents from appendix

Additional Analysis by Dr. Jeffrey Russell, PhD (Part 4 above):

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