Kathy Ferguson, Whose Husband was a Co-Defendant in the Paula Jones Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, ‘Suicided’

Five days after her ex-husband, Danny Ferguson, is named a co-defendant (along with Bill Clinton) in the Paula Jones law suit, Kathy Ferguson is found dead. She leaves a suicide note but the body is found in her living room next to packed bags as though she was planning to take a trip. Kathy Ferguson was found dead in her living room with a gunshot to her head. Danny Ferguson told Paula that the Governor wanted to meet her and led her to his hotel room. Paula Jones was led to believe the meeting was related to her employment as a state employee. Kathy Ferguson knew how her ex-husband regularly pimped for Governor Bill Clinton and was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

Not long after Kathy was ‘suicided’, Kathy Ferguson’s fiancée, a state trooper, is found dead by gunshot at her gravesite. He leaves a note saying “I can’t stand it any more.” The local police chief says, “It puts big questions in your mind. Why?” Both victims are shot in the back of the head, unusual in the case of suicide.

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