LAPD Contact FBI Regarding Allegations that Michael Jackson Molested two Mexican Boys in 1985 and 1986

Michael Jackson was investigated by the FBI following allegations he sexually abused two Mexican boys in the 80s, bombshell documents reported in March 2019 show. The FBI also examined an alleged “child sex” video tape labelled “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favorites”, according to documents unearthed by Sun Online. A witness called Los Angeles police and alleged the singer molested two Mexican boys in 1985 or 1986 but that the resulting investigation was “covered up”, according to one FBI document.

The internal memo goes on to state that the witness – a book author – alleged that the two boys reported the alleged abuse to the FBI at the time but the agents closed the case because Jackson was due to receive an award at the White House from the US president. The 1993 document, which describes the police’s call to the FBI, says:

On December 27, 1993 writer received a telephone call from … Los Angeles Police Department Sexual Exploitation of Children (SEOC).

“He advised he had been contacted by [REDACTED] who has been writing a book about Michael Jackson concerning allegation of sexual molestation of children.

“[REDACTED] advised he had information that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1985 or 1986 investigated allegations against Jackson for reportedly molesting two Mexican boys.”

The memo goes on to say that a Mormon FBI agent, who was special agent in charge, and a Hispanic agent investigated the incident.

The Mormon agent “did not pursue the allegations because Jackson was to receive an honor at the White House from the President,” the document reads.

According to the unidentified author: “the investigation was covered up”.

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