Mama Lois Anderson, Who May Have Helped with the Birth of Obama, is Murdered in Kenya 2 Weeks Before He Enters Presidential Race

‘Mama Lois’Anderson,  an American Christian Missionary, who reportedly helped young Ann Dunham handle events surrounding the birth of Barry Soetoro (Barrack Hussein Obama), was murdered in Kenya on January 27, 2007. Obama formerly declared his intention to enter the race for the U.S. presidency on February 10, 2007.

The circumstances surrounding the murder and carjacking were very troubling and suspicious.

Was Lois Anderson murdered to prevent any possibility that she might reveal 1st hand account details regarding the birth of Barack Obama in Kenya in August 1961?

Setting aside her grief, Sylvia Anderson wrote to comfort family and friends following the murders of her mother and sister.

Sylvia, her parents — retired Presbyterian missionaries Bill and Lois Anderson — her sister, Zelda White, and Zelda’s son Alexander were in a U.S. Embassy sport utility vehicle 12 miles outside Nairobi.

In an e-mail that flew around the globe within a few hours of the tragedy and continued to be forwarded days later, Sylvia, Bill and Zelda’s husband, Craig, shared the family’s “sad and shocking news.”

“This afternoon, Bill, Lois, Zelda, Sylvia and Alexander were on our way to a Kenyan friend’s house just on the outskirts of Nairobi. We were waiting on the side of the main highway for our friend to arrive and escort us to his house.

While waiting, a carful of carjackers pulled up in front of us. They came out with AK-47s and began firing. It’s hard to put together exactly what happened, but they did not give anyone a chance to get out and surrender the car, which we and Zelda and Lois were eager to do.

Several shots were fired. They hit Lois first, injuring her, and they shot her again fatally soon after. At some point Zelda also was hit, by one bullet, but it went straight through vital organs, and most likely killed her immediately.

The others were allowed to get out of the back seat, while Zelda and Lois were somehow removed from the car. However, Sylvia did not find a pulse on either one. Eventually the police arrived, and took the group to the hospital. But by that point Zelda and Lois were no longer with us.”


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