NEA Partners with radical homosexual group, HRC, to Indoctrinate Teachers on how to “Create a Positive LGBTQ and Gender Inclusive School Climate.”

Under the guise of creating “Welcoming Schools,” the far-left National Education Association (NEA) and the radical homosexual group “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) are joining forces to brainwash and abuse American children. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who believe in science and biology are not “welcome.”

In an e-mail about its “Welcoming Schools” program sent out to teachers on October 16, the extremist LGBT group’s foundation announced what it described as a “powerful partnership” with the NEA, America’s largest teachers’ union. Teachers who contacted The Newman Report about the partnership expressed serious concerns.

“It’s official! Welcoming Schools and the National Education Association (NEA) are partners,” the Human Rights Campaign Foundation boasted in the e-mail. “This summer, ten NEA trainers from various Social Justice cadres were trained to be Welcoming Schools Facilitators. The Welcoming Schools NEA cohort will be presenting at both nationwide (NEA LGBTQ) and statewide (NJEA) conferences.”

The group is also hoping more school districts will hand over taxpayer money to provide radical LGBT “professional development” to teachers. “We look forward to being able to bring essential professional development to many more educators through this partnership,” the HRC declared in its email, linking to a website touting its indoctrination sessions for teachers on how to “create a positive LGBTQ and gender inclusive school climate.”

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