One of the First Mentions of Communism in Print Appears in the New-York Daily Tribune

One of the first mentions of communism in print appaears in the New-York Daily Tribune on August 25, 1843, page 2:

Social Movement.–We learn from the Onondaga Standard that a company of Communists, or advocates of the doctrine that no individual has an exclusive right to any portion of the earth or its products, have made a contract for a tract of land near Skaneateles, in that County, of some four hundred acres, possessing very great natural advantages.

The price is $15,000. Mr. John A. Collins of Boston–a true-hearted though errafish man–is at the head of this movement, though its officers are Quincy A. Johnson. President, U.H. Van Seest, Secretary, Joseph Savage, Treasurer. We bid these brave adventurers God speed on their enterprise, although we cannot but differ from them radically as to their Property doctrines. We presume if any odium can be got up against them it will be directed against Fourierism, though these people dissent altogether from that system. [This Community was organized at Syracuse, and we presume its officers may be addressed there.]

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