Pelosi’s Personal Congressman: Speaker Funds 61 Percent of New Hampshire Democrat’s Campaign

Federal fundraising records released this week demonstrate that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her affiliated organizations funded a whopping 61 percent of the campaign of Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH) in the post-election period.

While it is normal for members—especially those from battleground districts like Pappas’s New Hampshire district—to have close financial relationships with leadership of their parties, Pelosi funding 61 percent of Pappas’s campaign from Nov. 24, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020, is a whole new level of closeness.

In the latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings from Pappas, during that timeframe he raised about $31,000—$19,000 of which came from three political entities tied to Pelosi. The biggest, $10,000, came from Pelosi’s leadership PAC called “PAC to the Future,” while $5,000 came from the Pelosi-aligned “House Majority PAC” and $4,000 came directly from “Nancy Pelosi for Congress.”

The New Hampshire GOP, in a release, noted that Pappas seems to be getting rewarded for his loyalty—and total fealty—to Pelosi. In the last Congress, Pappas’s first term in office, he voted with Pelosi on every single vote except one, according to the New Hampshire GOP.

Stephen Stepanek, the chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, said in a statement:

After campaigning as a bipartisan voice for New Hampshire, Chris Pappas has reverted to his DC ways, bowing at the altar of Nancy Pelosi in exchange for max out checks from her PACs to make up for his lackluster fundraising efforts. Instead of catering to his constituency in the Speaker’s office, Pappas needs to put New Hampshire first and push back against the radical Left’s Washington take over. Pappas should spend less time asking Speaker Pelosi for campaign donations and more time fighting for COVID relief that Granite Staters desperately need.

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