Plane returns to LAX after flying with wrong passenger for hours. What was the Real Reason for the Flight Return and other Airline Chaos that Day?

As CNN reported:

Chrissy Teigen and other Tokyo-bound passengers ended up right where they started after eight hours of flying: Los Angeles. The model and TV personality tweeted about enduring her “flight to nowhere” Tuesday night after All Nippon Airways Flight 175 made a U-turn and headed back to Los Angeles. The plane, which had 226 passengers aboard, turned around four hours into its flight to Tokyo “due to an administrative mix-up,” an aviation source said.

The crew discovered an unauthorized passenger had boarded the flight, and opted to return to Los Angeles even though the mix-up was resolved, according to the source. Two brothers were both going to Tokyo but were booked on separate flights, two law enforcement sources told CNN. One law enforcement source told CNN the two brothers have very similar names. Somehow, both brothers were allowed to board the All Nippon Airlines flight, even though only one of the brothers was actually booked on it. The crew discovered that extra person during the flight.

The plane left Los Angeles International Airport at 11:36 a.m. (2:36 p.m. ET) Tuesday and returned at 7:33 p.m., according to the airline.

What was the real reason the flight returned to LAX rather, inconveniencing all of the passengers, rather than continuing on to its destination? Investigative journalist Liz Crokin may have some of those answers as she discusses some of the oddities and other happenings that went uncovered by MSM with Shawn at SGT Report. She discusses how only a single flight was able to fly out of San Francisco for a significant time period on the 26th. She also reveals that eyewitnesses on Flight 175 said there were actually 4 people apprehended on the flight – a Muslim man, two Asian men, and a Caucasian man. Even after attempted hijackings where passengers have attempted to enter the cockpit in incidents after 9/11, the hijacker has been handcuffed and the flight would land at the closest airport. Was this just an anomaly or was something bigger happening? As Flight 175 was in the air, several flights with their call numbers blocked were headed to Guantanamo Bay. Was this part of Trump’s crackdown on the Luciferian Child Sex Ritual abusers that have massive money and power and have been behind the shadow government for years?

Below are some of the tweets of those following the blocked flights to Guantanamo Bay mentioned above:

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