President Bush, Sr.: “It is the Sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance.”

President George HW Bush, addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, Feb. 1, 1992:

“It is the Sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance.”


by Luis Stradling

No person can be loyal to the Constitution for the United States and uphold the Charter of the United Nations. They are as opposite as light and dark, good and evil, freedom and slavery, God and Satan. No man can serve two masters. Support of the United Nations by government officials and employees is a violation of their Oath. Wittingly or unwittingly, it is treasonous.

The United Nations was formed at San Francisco in 1945. A tremendous propaganda campaign mesmerized Americans into accepting it as an agency to end the scourge of war and uplift downtrodden peoples – a leap of freedom – the Last Hope for Peace. The Senate ratified the UN Charter in a brief hearing with little debate. Very few Senators even read it before voting.

Langer and Shipstead, who did read it, cast the only votes against it. Roughly, the plan was as follows:

  1. Use the horrors of WWII as reason to establish a peacekeeping organization.
  2. Continue to promote communist wars of inexpressible horror, slaughtering and enslaving millions.
  3. The U.S. fights Cold War to “save the world from communism” pouring out billions and pretending to oppose communist conquests, but always betraying the victims, and the billions, into communist hands.
  4. Little by little transform Evil Empire Communists into Friendly Allies.
  5. Gradually weaken the U.S. internally, destroy the Constitution, abolish religion, corrupt the youth, foster drugs, immorality, crime, racial riots; break down the economy, bankrupt business and the nation through debt and inflation.
  6. Disarm citizens; transfer U.S. military to the U.N.
  7. Rule over defenseless Americans with terror and slavery as in communist countries.

As difficult as it is to believe, and as unwilling as we are to believe it, the above scenario accurately describes events of this century. It is not our purpose to name perpetrators and traitors, since a person may act knowingly, or unwittingly. Lenin said the communist world will largely be built by non-communist hands, persons who do the work unknowingly. He called them “useful idiots”. Patriotic Americans, including most of us at some time, have supported some of their programs.

To trusting Americans, it is unbelievable, but veteran readers know that the NEW WORLD ORDER is to be a socialist dictatorship. The U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Charter compared outgrowth of centuries of Common Law, Laws of Nature, and Revealed Law of Scriptures.

RIGHTS: The divine endowment of the Creator to each person. They are unalienable – as inseparable as his heartbeat or the breath he breathes. No person or government has a right to infringe them. (Note that there is no mention of HUMAN or CIVIL rights).

The Bill of Rights is not a list of rights but prohibitions against government infringement of a few specified rights, with all unmentioned rights and powers reserved to the people and the states (see 10th Amendment).

The United Nations’ UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS are a clumsy counterfeit and deceptive platitudes of “freedom, peace, and rights” taken away in the same breath they are given. All are subject go government Control. Actually, they are not rights at all, but an open-ended list of OFFENSES chargeable against anyone for real, contrived, or imagined violations.

WAR POWERS: From Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution – To Provide for the Common Defense …Preamble: “Full power to levy war, conclude peace and contract alliances” – Declaration of Independence. And from the Constitution – Congress shall have the power to declare war, raise and support armies, maintain navy, make rules for regulation for armed forces; use National Guard to suppress insurrections, repel invasions. The President – Commander-in-Chief; negotiate treaties, conduct diplomacy through ambassadors. It is believed that all these provisions for our defense are abolished by the U.N. Charter. The very reason for government is destroyed.

Under the U.N. Charter, the Security Council has the sole power to decide when, where, and by whom any military action shall be taken. It was used to force Americans to fight winless wars in Korea and Vietnam; to overthrow Rhodesia, Katanga, and recently South Africa, to prevent self-defense by free nations against aggressors. It is vital to know that the Conspiracy has absolute control of the Security Council, which has absolute control of the U.N., and that all member nations have agreed to obey every decision of the Security Council.

READ THAT AGAIN!!! When it sinks into your understanding, the whole picture becomes clear. When, and if, the U.N. has our military force, it will be clear in stark reality. The powers behind the U.N. have little concern for the armed forces of Russia, China and Cuba. They are on the same team; to conquer the United States is the goal and the prize. The Conspiracy controls the Security Council with the perpetual majority of “their own men” on it.

The U.S. representative, even if he himself is not hand-picked by them, is powerless. They also control the General Assembly through a hundred tribal “states” whose votes they control. Thus an evil few men, of perhaps even ONE man, could rule the world!—and this is the Satanic lust for power which drives them. (See Aid & Abet Police Newsletter, Special Issue No. 12 – Page 3).

The magnitude of the crime of 90 Senators against their country and humanity strains credulity – – that they could so carelessly betray all nations and persons on earth into the hands of a few human devils who, in secrecy behind the U.N. facade, plot the destruction of all that is good, and the killing or enslavement of every human.

TAXATION – U.S. Constitution – Indirect tax only, unless by apportionment. The Federal Government could not tax any individual nor inquire into his finances. The 16th Amendment (MARXIST INCOME TAX) was slipped into the Constitution by the same Conspiracy and in the same insidious manner as the U.N. Charter was manipulated through the Senate. Likewise, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM they set up has destroyed Constitutional money, robbing the people of billions through inflation.

The UNITED NATIONS has power to levy taxes on ALL member states limited only by its power to force collection. The Security Council can levy taxes for “peacekeeping” operations on any state or states it chooses. The U.N. requested 19 billion dollars from “certain” selected states of which the U.S. share was 7 and 1/2 billion. It was approved by Congress. Billions in foreign aid, opposed by most Americans, is dutifully approved by Congress to meet U.N. commitments. The World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) are indirectly UN “tax” payments. When it attains full “military” control, there will be a world tax system under the General Assembly, where we have ONE VOTE among 186. Guess who will be taxes most?

ELECTIONS: The Constitution provides for STATES to determine the qualifications of electors. The one-man-one-vote decision of the Supreme Court was in compliance with a UN Resolution.

JUSTICE – A primary purpose of the Constitution is to “Establish Justice”. Our system of justice is founded in the wisdom of God based on Bible laws preserved through centuries by Anglo-Saxons; developed, codified, and infused into our institutions, courts, laws, and customs. It surpasses all the world has ever achieved in securing “liberty and justice for all”. Some provisions are: a Written Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land; Rule of Laws not Men; Equality before the law; Due process; Presumption of Innocence; Probable Cause Warrant, Grand Jury Indictment, Venue; Jury, Counsel, Witnesses, Habeas Corpus, Appeal, Redress; Security of Persons, Houses, Peoples, and effects from Unreasonable Search and Seizure; Not Compelled to witness against oneself; Speedy, public trial; Impartial Jury; Subpoena, etc. All these great principles of liberty and justice are nullified under the UN Charter.

The U.N. Charter acknowledges NO GOD, no eternal law, no principles of wisdom above man’s. The Charter contains no restraint that cannot be set aside by entrenched despots. It is rule of man, not law. The WORLD COURT holds the judicial power of the U.N., but unlike the Security Council, it is only a tool, under absolute control of the Conspiracy through their power to appoint and control the majority of judges. The U.S. Representative is, at best, inept; at worst he may be their man, too.

The structure of the U.N. World Court is an oligarchy without written law, binding precedent, due process or appeal; a conglomeration of 15 “judges” of different races, religions, economies, traditions. Will godless communists who killed millions of their own, and worked to overthrow our government, ever rule in favor of the U.S. or its citizens? The Senate which ratified the U.N. Charter has no idea of its evil effects on our laws.

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