President Trump Conned into Signing Immigration Bill that Experts say will Prompt the “Largest Surge” of Young Border Crossers “the Country has Ever Seen.”

Immigration experts warn the budget bill signed Friday by President Trump will prompt the “largest surge” of young border crossers “the country has ever seen.”

They denounced it as a scheme to increase the illegal alien population, provide de facto amnesty to illegal aliens already in the country and expand the Catch and Release of border crossers, reported Breitbart News.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, noted it would shield from deportation any illegal aliens with close relations to newly resettled unaccompanied minors.

“The illegal aliens who will be eligible for protection from removal include not just actual sponsors, but those who might be potential sponsors and every member of their households,” he pointed out.

“If this bill is enacted, expect the largest surge of unaccompanied minors this country has ever seen,” he said.

Along with signing the bill, which includes just $1.4 billion for border security, Trump said Friday he is declaring a national emergency on the southern border, using executive powers to allocate billions toward construction of a wall.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border … one way or the other, we have to do it,” Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, pointed out that most members of Congress didn’t read the bill before voting on it.

“It is outrageous and completely unacceptable for any member of Congress to vote on, or for the President to sign, any bill crafted in secret and unread by most lawmakers and laymen alike,” he said in a statement.

NumbersUSA, which focuses on jobs for Americans, said Trump was not given the full text of the bill, which allows Homeland Security officials to double the number of H-2B foreign workers imported to the country every year.

In a tweet, NumbersUSA said the text Trump agreed to sign sign “did not have the language rewarding child trafficking, granting immunity to large % of illegal aliens, and increasing H-2Bs.”

“That was added on later and then rammed through the Senate. Bait and Switch!”

The Center for Immigration Studies said the deal is a package of “immigration landmines” with two “poison pills.”

One is the de facto amnesty for relatives, sponsors and household members of unaccompanied minors. The other is giving local elected officials authority over whether or not a border wall can be constructed in their locality.

CIS Director Mark Krikorian wrote that the “responsible thing” to do now would be to pass a continuing resolution extending spending at current levels for a week or so to avoid another partial government shutdown.

He argued it would give “lawmakers time to actually go over the thing carefully and pull out the poison pills.”


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