Project Veritas Undercover: Google Insider Says “Platforms Influencing You In Ways You Didn’t Sign Up For”

Project Veritas has dropped another bombshell about Google’s monopoly power to censor and manipulate search results.

One of the top leaders in Google’s Cloud division admitted to Project Veritas on undercover video that Google was manipulating users’ political views.

“All of the social media and the online platforms know your political leanings,” said Ashwin Agrawal, the head of global competitive analysis at Google Cloud. “Now, the more you see a Biden ad, the more, you know, passionate or the more sort of leaning you’re going to come for Biden.”

Once Google has determined your political values, he said, it would make sure you stay locked in that mode of thinking.

“If you’re a Democrat and you see more and more Democrat, you’re not given an opportunity to change your mind,” Agrawal said.

Agrawal said he feels guilty that Google is manipulating users’ emotions and what information they see.

“I think, the thing that I feel worse about is that people don’t know that it’s happening to them,” he said.

“That for me is the thing that I feel, like, truly for me, sad about,” Agrawal continued. “I think it doesn’t matter whether someone in Facebook or Google is sitting and thinking about this. The truth is, a deep platform is influencing you in a way that you didn’t sign up for.”

Agrawal also made a shocking admission that Google has zero tolerance for Trump support at its workplace.

“If I say that tomorrow, that I’m a Trump supporter, I’d probably lose my job,” he said, adding they would push him out indirectly “because you know, it’s the peer pressure, it’s the social pressure.”

Source: Infowars

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