Secretary of State John Kerry Caught Using Fake Photos to Fuel Syrian War

Secretary of State John Kerry opened his speech at the State Department on the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government by describing the horrors victims of the chemical weapon attack suffered, including twitching, spasms and difficulty breathing.

Photo: TheMuslim.Org

Attempting to drive the point home, Kerry referenced a photograph used by the BBC illustrating a child jumping over hundreds of dead bodies covered in white shrouds.

“We saw rows of dead lined up in burial shrouds, the white linen unstained by a single drop of blood,” said Kerry.

The photo was meant to depict victims who allegedly succumbed to the effects of chemical weapons via Assad’s regime. However, the photograph used in this context has been exposed as a fake. It had been taken in 2003 in Iraq and was not related to Syrian deaths whatsoever and was later retracted.

Source: Infowars

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