Study: Canadian Liberals Are Having Fewer Male Babies because they are Too Traumatised about Donald Trump Becoming the US President

That’s right, Orange man is so bad it caused NPC babies to come out all girly.

The study, published in the scientific journal BMJ Open, claims that Trump’s election can be associated with a temporary shift in the sex ratio of newborn babies, but only in politically liberal areas, and not in conservative territories.

The author of the study Ravi Retnakaran told Wired that he got the idea for the test from reading about how stressful events, such as 9/11, had affected the sex ratio of newborns.

“I felt this apprehension in society that immediately harked back to September 11,” Retnakaran, a clinician at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, said, adding “And that’s when the light dawned in my head, and I wondered if [Trump’s election] could have the same sort of effect on the sex ratio.”

The study analysed all births in Ontario before Trump’s election, immediately after, and over six months later. The lowest ratio of boys to girls was recorded in March 2017, but only in liberal locales of Ontario, and not conservative parts.

“We were looking for a very specific signal,” Retnakaran noted, adding “The stratification we did based on liberal-leaning parts compared to conservative-leaning surprised us because we didn’t know if that would be there or not.”


Fertility expert Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield commented that “Maybe this research says more about liberals in Ontario. Maybe they should chill out more.”

Noting that while the study only establishes correlation, not cause, Pacey did concede of Canadian liberals that “if their stress hormones went up in the same way that people react badly to terrorist attacks, then I can see this mechanism operating.”

So there you have it, something else crazy Liberals can blame on Trump. Although being responsible for more girls being brought into the world is probably something the President would be very proud of.

Source: Infowars

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