The Bank of England is Formed by Royal Charter – later to be Purchased for Pennies on the Dollar After a Rothschild Financial Coup

For purposes of a mainstream account, the official site of the Bank of England provides a flowery version about the background and purported success of the scheme proposed by “William Paterson, envisaged a loan of £1,200,000 to the Government, in return for which the subscribers would be incorporated as the “Governor and Company of the […]

A Secret Society called The Knights of the Apocalypse is Established in Italy Supposedly to Protect the Catholic Church from the Antichrist

In true secret society form, there isn’t a whole lot out there on the Knights of the Apocalypse – but what we do know is thoroughly compelling. The arcane group was established in Italy in 1693 by Augustine Gabrino, the son of a merchant. The purpose of the society was supposedly to protect the Catholic Church against the Antichrist, and […]

1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery

Slavery is not simply a historical phenomenon.. It persists to this day in modern forms, such as trafficking. Quakers have opposed it from very early on and still do. In the first few years after the Quaker movement began in 1652, slavery would have been outside the experience of most Quakers, as it was not […]

Britain’s King Charles II ratifies Habeas Corpus Act allowing Prisoners right to be imprisoned to be examined by a court

The Habeas Corpus Act 1679 is an Act of Parliament in England (31 Cha. 2 c. 2) during the reign of King Charles II. It was passed by what became known as the Habeas Corpus Parliament to define and strengthen the ancient prerogative writ of habeas corpus, which required a court to examine the lawfulness […]

While in Prison for Preaching without a license from the Government, John Bunyon Publishes “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” a World’s Best Seller for Hundreds of Years.

The English Civil War took place 1642 to 1651 between Royalist Anglican supporters of King Charles I and the Puritan Parliamentarian supporters led by Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell. The Puritans won, and Oliver Cromwell had Charles I beheaded. Anglican ministers were demoted, including Rev. Lawrence Washington, the great-great-grandfather of George Washington. This led Rev. […]