Seizure of Fort William & Mary at Newcastle

Acting on Paul Revere’s warning the day prior, four hundred New Hampshire patriots, led by John Langdon, moved preemptively to capture the arms that the British had planned to seize. A prominent New Hampshire paper at the time said the capture was both “prudent” and “proper.” They also reminded their readers of the ancient Carthagians […]

Paul Revere’s First Ride: Warns the Citizens of New Hampshire that the British were Coming to Seize Firearms & Gunpowder

Paul Revere took his first ride (Months before his famous horseback ride into American history on April 18, 1775) on the icy Boston Post Road to warn the citizens of New Hampshire of a potential British troop landing with the express purpose that they were going to be seizing firearms, cannons and gunpowder at Fort William […]

The Continental Association was Created by the Continental Congress in Response to the Intolerable Acts

The Continental Association was created by the Continental Congress in 1774 in response to the Coercive Acts, or ‘Intolerable Acts’, which had been passed by the British Parliament to restore order in Massachusetts following the Boston Tea Party. One of the first acts of the First Continental Congress was to create the Continental Association of […]

The First Prayer of Congress on September 7, 1774

The first session of the Continental Congress opened the beginning of September in the year 1774 with prayer in Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia. Threatened by the most powerful monarch in the world, Britain’s King George III, America’s founding fathers heard Rev. Jacob Duché begin by reading Psalm 35, the Anglican Book of Common Prayer’s “Psalter” for […]

The First Official Act of Congress: A Call to Prayer!

The first official act of Congress was a call to prayer that the Rev. Mr. Duché be desired to open the Congress tomorrow morning with prayers, at the Carpenter’s Hall, at 9 o’clock.” When the Congress met, Mr. Cushing made a motion that it should be opened with Prayer. It was opposed by Mr. Jay of […]