Rockefeller Foundation Contributed $357 Million to Medical Schools Around the World in 1921

According to the Rockefeller Foundation annual report, the Rockefeller Foundation Contributed $357 million to Medical Schools Around the World in 1921. This was the continued plan to spread the drug-based approach to the most prominent schools around the world while continuing to label homeopathy as outdated and its practitioners as ‘quacks’.

The Council on Foreign Relations is Established

The Council on Foreign Relations Handbook of 1936 provides the following details concerning the organization’s establishment:  “On May 30, 1919, several leading members of the delegations to the Paris Peace Conference met at the Hotel Majestic in Paris to discuss setting up an international group which would advise their respective governments on international affairs.  It […]

The Forgotten Depression of 1920

[This article was first published in the Fall 2009 issue of The Intercollegiate Review.] It is a cliché that if we do not study the past we are condemned to repeat it. Almost equally certain, however, is that if there are lessons to be learned from an historical episode, the political class will draw all […]