JonBenet Ramsey’s Mysterious Death

Six-year-old Ramsey was found dead in her home in Boulder, Colorado about seven hours after her mother had reported her missing to the police in 1996. Though they were originally considered suspects in the murder, John Ramsey and his late wife Patsy were cleared of any involvement in the crime through DNA testing in 2008, […]

Barbara Wise was Found Dead in her Locked Office on the Fourth Floor of Ron Brown’s Department of Commerce

As the scandals continued to swirl around the John Huang, one of Huang’s associates, Barbara Wise, was found dead in her locked office on the fourth floor of the Department of Commerce, partially nude (by one report completely nude) and covered with bruises. No cause of death has ever been announced even though an autopsy […] Launches, with the Online Currency e-gold – “a Private, International Currency that would Circulate Independent of Government Controls

As an amateur scholar of economic history, Douglas Jackson had formed the opinion that a currency backed by gold bullion was superior to the fiat money favored by most countries. In 1996 that notion prompted the one-time oncologist to launch e-gold, an innovation that Wired described in 2009 as “a private, international currency that would […]

Congress passed Two Seminal Laws, the Economic Espionage Act and the False Statements Accountability Act.

The Economic Espionage Act (“EEA”) was drafted by James P. Chandler. EEA was heavily promoted by Clinton’s C.I.A. Director John M. Deutch. William (“Bill”) A. Fenwick of Fenwick & West LLP assisted Chandler. Chandler would bring Fenwick in on Aug. 20, 2001. The False Statements Accountability Act (“FSAA”) was sponsored by a one-term freshman Senator […]

Whistleblower Michael Levine: “I Personally was Involved in a Deep-Cover Case that Went to the Top of the Drug World in Three Countries. The CIA Killed It.”

In an interview on CNBC-TV, former DEA agent Michael Levine, said: “I have put thousands of Americans away for tens of thousands of years for less evidence for conspiracy with less evidence than is available against Ollie North and CIA people… I personally was involved in a deep-cover case that went to the top of […]