Bretbart Exclusive — Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Using Intel Committee Investigation of Rioters to Target Trump

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Breitbart News exclusively this weekend that his committee’s chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been running a thus-far-unreported investigation into the Trump administration’s response to violence in American cities.

Asked if Schiff should hold hearings on the threats to the country on display in American cities and outside the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Washington, DC, Nunes revealed that Schiff has been plotting to hold hearings on this matter. The difference, however, is Schiff’s hearings are actually going to target President Donald Trump and his administration’s efforts to secure order in places like Portland, and law enforcement and national security officials trying to restore law and order in riotous Democrat cities, rather than targeting the people behind the violence, looting, rioting, chaos, and mayhem.

“It’s funny you should say that — they are actually going to have, they’re running an investigation into this,” Nunes said on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel. “It hasn’t gotten too much coverage yet. They’re running an investigation from the Intelligence Committee, which has become the impeachment committee, on the situation that happened up in Seattle and Portland. But guess what? They’re running the investigation to see what federal assets did the Trump administration use and was it legal or not to keep the peace in the Pacific Northwest. So they are going to hold hearings, but they’re basically holding hearings to condemn the Trump administration for trying to save Americans’ lives and save Americans’ property and save us from all this looting and rioting and trying to keep under somewhat of some civil discourse here. So, they’re having hearings alright, but for the opposite reason.”

Asked if Schiff’s efforts to target with the Intelligence Committee the law enforcement community’s push to restore order instead of the people disrupting American communities and causing the mayhem in the first place actually assists those creating the chaos, Nunes said that Schiff has perverted the purpose of the Intelligence Committee.

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Report – Evangelicals for Hire: Israel Paid U.S. Christian Zionists to Push Propaganda

More than half of all American states have passed laws designed to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. No advocacy group was more important to this push than the Israel Allies Foundation, an American non-profit that supports a network of pro-Israel legislators across the globe.

It was the IAF that in 2014 connected a South Carolina politician with an Israeli legal scholar who drafted the first bill to ban state agencies from contracting with entities that boycott Israel.

After that law passed in South Carolina in 2015, the IAF successfully lobbied for nearly-identical anti-BDS bills in 25 other states, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Now the group is backing another bill, which has already passed in South Carolina and Florida and been introduced in six more states, which would change civil-rights codes to define antisemitism to include anti-Zionism.

Public records obtained by The Forward show that the Israeli government approved a grant of more than $100,000 to the Israel Allies Foundation in 2019. The IAF has not disclosed this or any previous Israeli grants to the United States government, in possible violation of laws requiring American political advocacy groups to disclose foreign-government contributions.

The IAF, which reported $1.4 million in revenue in 2018 and features a testimonial on its website from Vice President Mike Pence, did not respond to four emails seeking comment.

It is one of 11 American groups that received Israeli government funds, according to the documents, which show that the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and a quasi-governmental organization it created have given at least $6.6 million to U.S. organizations since 2018. These grants, along with millions more that went to groups in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Israel itself, were to further the country’s public diplomacy efforts, particularly against BDS.

The Israeli government’s gifts to pro-Israel American entities — including more than $1 million each to Christians United for Israel and Aish Hatorah’s Hasbara Fellowships — were publicly unknown until the last few weeks, after a politician not from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party took over the ministry and dropped its longstanding stance against releasing its public records.

According to the Israeli documents, most of the grants to the American organizations were intended to send those groups’ members — and selected guests — on chartered trips to Israel, which often included meetings with Israeli officials. Spending these funds abroad, rather than inside the United States, may have allowed them to avoid onerous federal disclosure requirements designed to thwart foreign influence campaigns.

But documents also suggest that some of those trips included instructions for pro-Israel advocacy back home — in statehouses and on college campuses — which legal experts say may expose not just the recipient groups but also anyone who went on their trips to fines and even prosecution for violating disclosure rules.

The documents, which include financial spreadsheets, government memoranda and the minutes of official meetings, were released after a Freedom of Information Act request by the Israeli Freedom of Information Movement and the Israeli news website The Seventh Eye, and shared with the Forward.

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LA County Loses Court Battle with Grace Community Church — So County Sends Eviction Notice to the Church on Sunday

On August 12th Los Angeles County filed charges prohibiting Grace Community Church from holding religious services. But a local judge decided in favor of Grace Community Church to allow religious service if congregants wore face coverings and practiced social distancing.

Pastor John MacArthur said at the time that the church was meeting indoors because it was their constitutional right and that it was commanded by God for his people to come together in worship.

Factories, pot shops, liquor stores and department stores are allowed to stay open but not houses of worship.

County officials were outraged at the judge’s decision this week telling the LA Times, “It is deeply disappointing that the Court decided not to grant the County’s request for a temporary restraining order prohibiting Grace Community Church from holding indoor services.  We look forward to a favorable ruling when a full hearing is heard on the matter.”

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German COVID Civil Rights Protestors Gather in Berlin to Protest COVID Lockdown; Call to Restore Sovereignty, Liberty and Democracy

Tens of thousands of protestors (~40,000) gathered in Berlin today outside the U.S. Embassy to protest the COVID lockdown and demand civil rights and call for a restoration of national sovereignty, liberty and democracy.

At least 20,000 people defied a threatened government ban and COVID restrictions today to gather at Berlin’s Brandenburg gate. Despite attempts by state-run and mainstream media to demonize the protestors as dangerous, violent extremists, the demonstration was peaceful, crossed party lines from left to right, and even featured a piano rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Leftist Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel, a former member of the murderous East German Communist Party, had tried to ban the joyful exercise in civil rights for alleged reckless endangerment and anticipated violations of COVID rules, but was overturned in court. “We would have liked to ban the rally, but after checking the Constitution, we found it applies to assholes too”, Geisel said, seemingly not aware of the irony coming from a former Communist apparatchik.

Embarrassingly, German state pubweb ZDF had an article pre-written condemning the pro-liberty demonstration as “surprisingly violent” but mistakenly published the fake article on Friday, one day too early. The goof-up was shadow-edited to change the date when a reader pointed it out.

After two hours, leftist-controlled Berlin police determined protesters were not following mask rules and moved to disband the rally, even though masks had not been required originally. Thousands of protestors continued to linger in Berlin’s sprawling Tiergarten anyway, site of the legendary Love Parade techno raves from the 1990s. The national anthem was sung together as people continued to mill about in a non-violent fashion.

The “Querdenken” (Out-of-the-Box Thinking) rallies have attracted protesters from the left and right all across Germany, despite being routinely smeared as “far-right extremists”. The original COVID protests in Berlin were actually originated by Leftist freedom advocates and have always crossed the political spectrum.

Surprisingly, they have attracted a large and joyful “QAnon” following in Germany, who admire President Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr. and lobby for a Peace Treaty with the USA and Russia to restore German sovereignty, believing there was never such a Peace Treaty after WW II. Kennedy was in Berlin to unveil the Children’s Health Defense European Chapter and spoke at the rally,  as Gateway Pundit reported.

Demonstrators waved US and German flags outside the US Embassy in Berlin to voice their support for President Donald Trump and urge a Peace Treaty with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, supporting an alliance of all patriotic governments around the world, from Washington to Berlin and Moscow. Protest organizer Michael Ballhaus had invited Donald Trump to attend the rally.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Several demonstrators detained at Berlin rally against coronavirus measures:

‘Take off the mask!’ Thousands gather in London for ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally, demanding ‘back to normal now’

Crowds of lockdown-weary Brits gathered in London at a ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally to protest the Covid-19 measures, an event quickly dubbed a gathering of “conspiracy loons” for its strong message against restrictions and mandates.

People began gathering in London’s Trafalgar Square around noon and then marched to the Houses of Parliament to show opposition to the ongoing shutdowns, introduced as part of the UK’s response to the pandemic.

The rally, called under the slogans of “No More Lockdowns – No Social Distancing – No Masks,” among others, attracted more than 10,000 people aghast at the looming prospect of another lockdown being introduced, as talk of pandemic’s “second wave” dominates the media.

One woman told The Guardian’s Jason Rodrigues that the government’s reactions to the outbreak was “completely out of proportion,” lamenting how “people’s liberties have been taken away” and arguing that it’s only going to get “worse and worse” – a common sentiment at the rally.

As the crowds grew, they started chanting slogans like “freedom!” and “save our rights.”

Footage showed demonstrators, many of whom did not wear masks, holding signs saying “No ‘New Normal’” and “Covid-1984,” while others outright blasted the virus as a “hoax.”

It is the latter that the media coverage focused on, with some headlines blasting the demonstration as a gathering of “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists.”

David Icke, conspiracy theorist in chief, has warned for thirty years that our masters are building a New World Order, a claim for which he is ridiculed and censured. But millions are listening to him now. I was standing behind the stage and saw thousands of faces relinquishing their scepticism. Some of his ideas are far-fetched, but he tells inconvenient truths.

A charismatic speaker, Icke lauded the intelligence of the virus. Stay six feet away from each other – it’s got a tape measure. We can meet friends outside our social ‘bubble’ for up to 15 minutes, because it’s got a watch. It must have a calendar too, because masks were made mandatory a week after the announcement. And the virus knows which political events to attend; that is, any rally that the establishment doesn’t like, while Black Lives Matter protests are somehow immune.

“If you find yourself at a rally in Trafalgar Square arguing against the World Health Organisation … listening to and agreeing with David Icke … then you should seek professional advice,” musician John Spiers tweeted.

Another speaker, Kate Shemirani, encouraged everyone in the crowd to give each other a hug and then exclaimed, “If this was a real virus, technically all of you lot should be sick.”

The gathering has received plenty of media backlash for not adhering to social distancing rules and not wearing masks – in fact, “take off the mask” became its rallying cry at one stage. Ironically, such worries have not been as widely expressed over the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, which have also drawn massive attendance, with many ignoring Covid-19 guidances in the name of social justice.

“How many people calling today’s Trafalgar Square anti-lockdown protesters ‘covidiots’ said the same about the Black Lives Matter protests during the actual lockdown?” commenter Martin Daubney pointed out on Twitter.

London’s rally was just one in a series of recent anti-lockdown events in Europe, where increasingly many people are finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing Covid-19 regulations and are sceptical of the difference such pandemic attributes as masks make.

Even Britain’s deputy chief medical officer said this week that evidence that masks protect from Covid-19 is “not very strong,” despite the mandates in place.

A similar protest in Berlin was disbanded by police on Saturday after they deemed demonstrators were failing to adhere to social distancing measures. Around 3,000 officers were deployed to police the crowd of 18,000.


At the end of the rally Piers Corbyn was arrested and later hit with a £10000 fine for organising an illegal event. Yet the massively-funded BLM, marching on the same weekend, went unpunished. Unlike the peaceful protest at Trafalgar Square, BLM agitators taunted police and called for violent insurrection. The hypocrisy of the authorities is mind-boggling, but not everyone sees it because the media continue to act as the propaganda arm of the state.

The London newspaper Evening Standard reduced the attendance to ‘hundreds’, before the predictable smears. An awful Huffington Post report rebutted the Covidiots’ delusions: they say that freedoms have been denied, but section 2 of the Equality Act still applies. That’s the ‘right to life’, so they should be happy. Actually even that most fundamental of rights has been breached by the government, denying access to healthcare and causing a rise in suicide.

Our politicians have been pathetic. It seems likely that coronavirus will be merged with seasonal flu to justify indefinite renewal of emergency laws, with no end to muzzling of the masses and an increasingly punitive regime of fines and arrests. The only way to stop this is by popular revolt, and there are promising signs.

On the same day as the London rally a vast crowd protested in Berlin, despite the government’s attempt to ban the event. A section of the crowd attempted to break into the Reichstag, quelled by a legion of police in full riot gear. According to rumours, the German army is reluctant to be called in as many soldiers, conscious of the darkness of history, would refuse to attack their compatriots.

Meanwhile in Ireland several hundred demonstrators gathered at the national television broadcaster RTE, angered by their portrayal as reckless imbeciles by this purveyor of fake news. This followed an anti-lockdown rally of seven thousand on the previous weekend, starring Dolores Cahill. Truly, this is an international resistance.

Sadly, the movement against the Covid regime is fractured. The Trafalgar Square speakers were as notable for who was absent. No Toby Young, whose brilliant online bulletin Lockdown Sceptics has kept the bewildered sane. No Peter Hitchens, the outspoken Mail on Sunday columnist who was first to put his head above the parapet and call out this Covid nonsense. No Carl Heneghan, the medical scientist at Oxford University who exposed the manipulation of mortality data.

The reasoning for such reticence is understandable but flawed. It’s the belief that a cause is undermined by association with discredited characters. But the likes of Piers Corbyn and David Icke are not bad people, and they are certainly not as mad as the Covid fanatics ruling our lives. You don’t need to distance yourself from an event just because some messages don’t exactly match your own. The main thrust of protest is not about whether 5G endangers health or Bill Gates is the devil incarnate, but freedom.

In an ecumenical movement, the people must take back control.