Australia: Food Ministers Forum Rates Fresh Juice Lower Than Diet Cola

Pure Australian fruit juices—with no added sugar—will now be classified as less healthy than soft drinks after the Food Regulation Forum, comprising of State and Federal Government ministers, rejected a move to ensure fresh juice has a higher health rating than soft drinks.

In a move that Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock said could cost orange growers $67 million, the majority of states and territories will now give fresh orange juice a Health Star Rating of 2.5 stars. In comparison, Diet Cola would be given 3.5 stars.

“It is a sad day not only for juice growers who already do it tough, and who now have a question mark over the long term viability of their industry as a result of the lost sales that will result from this decision,” Hancock said in a media statement.

Lawyer and public health researcher Alexandra Jones of George Institute for Global Health wrote on her Twitter that the Health Star Rating System is about promoting health whereas “last-minute lobbying to change scores was all about protecting profits”.

Jones said that the World Health Organization limits 100 percent juices due to a large amount of sugar in them.

“We have solid evidence that keeping intake of free sugars to less than 10 percent of total energy intake reduces the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay,” Francesco Branca, Director of WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development said.

While the NZ Dietary Guidelines (pdf) also list fruit juice as a “high sugar drink”, growers argue that it contains potassium, vitamin C and folate not found in fizzy drinks.

Hancock said he was gutted for his growers that produce fresh juice for the Australian population, only to be told diet coke is the better option.

“Despite evidence that fresh juice contains nutrients vital to physical and mental well-being, these governments have deferred to the anti-sugar lobby,” Hancock said.

Obesity experts in Canada have long contended that fruit juice should be excluded from diets because of the high sugar and calorie content they contain.

However, New York Times best-selling author and founder of the celery juice movement Anthony William said that fruit is demonised by what he terms “fruit fear” to describe the anxiety connected to lies that fruit is dangerous, harmful and should be avoided.

Source: The Epoch Times

Study: Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Screening in nearly Ten Million Residents of Wuhan, China Finds Asymptomatic Covid Spread Never Existed

A new study on asymptomatic transmission of COVID not only proves it doesn’t happen it proves the panic promoted by the political class was meant to control the populations.

In complete contradiction to the popular narrative used by Democrat politicians and governors across the United States, a new study of 10 million people in Wuhan, China – ground zero for the COVID virus, showed that asymptomatic spread of COVID does not occur, nullifying all reasoning for business closures and lockdowns.

The study, published in the November issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, studied 9,899,828 residents of Wuhan, screening them between May 14, 2020 and June 1, 2020. The results provided clear evidence as to the possibility of any asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

The study was compiled by 19 scientists from the Huazhong University of Science & Technology in Wuhan, and highly respected scientific institutions in the UK and Australia.

Titled Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly 10 million residents of Wuhan, China, the study thoroughly debunked the concept of asymptomatic transmission.

Out of the nearly 10 million people in the study, results revealed “300 asymptomatic cases” were found. Utilizing contact tracing, of those 300, not a single case of COVID-19 were detected in any of them.

“A total of 1,174 close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases were traced, and they all tested negative for the COVID-19,” the study concluded.

Both the asymptomatic patients and their contacts were placed in isolation for a period of no less than two weeks and the results remained the same. “None of detected positive cases or their close contacts became symptomatic or newly confirmed with COVID-19 during the isolation period,” the study found.

Further examination of the study subjects revealed that “virus cultures” in the positive and re-positive asymptomatic cases were all negative, “indicating no ‘viable virus’ in positive cases detected in this study.”

The age range of those found to be asymptomatic was between 10 and 89 years of age. The asymptomatic positive rate was “lowest in children or adolescents aged 17 and below” and the highest rate was found among people older than 60.

The study also concluded with high confidence that due to a weakening of the virus itself, “newly infected persons were more likely to be asymptomatic and with a lower viral load than earlier infected cases.”

In June of 2020, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, stated publicly that she doubted the narrative advanced by the political class on asymptomatic transmission.

Van Kerkhove explained during a press conference that, “from the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual.”

In fact, Van Kerkhove couldn’t point to a single case of asymptomatic transmission, noting that numerous reports “were not finding secondary transmission onward.”

The false narrative of asymptomatic transmission has been the justification used by the political and activist classes for lockdowns enacted all across the world.

Even the US Centers for Disease Control has been politicized in its advancing of the asymptomatic transmission false narrative. They falsely advance claims that asymptomatic people “are estimated to account for more than 50 percent of transmissions.”

There is no scientific data to corroborate this position.

A growing number of social scientists have started to advance the idea that the lockdowns – most prevalent in states with Democrat and Progressive governors, and in many cases states critical to the 2020 General Election – were nefariously instituted to facilitate a manipulation of the election process.

Source: National File

Mystery death of the Briton who revealed Covid Cover-up

As the first Briton known to have caught coronavirus, Connor Reed did much to enlighten us about the then mysterious disease.

He provided our first insight into its worst symptoms by way of an evocative diary published in the Mail. And he relived the ‘Hallelujah’ moment when, after 24 hellish days during which he had felt close to death, he began to recover.

Forcibly locked down in his Wuhan flat for 16 weeks afterwards, the young English teacher became a familiar face on television, sending video reports from the epicentre of the nascent pandemic.

Among the millions who listened to his haunting dispatches — with a mixture of pride and concern — were his Welsh parents, Rod and Hayley Reed, who now live in Australia.

On Thursday, huddled together with younger sons Morgan, 17, and Oliver, eight, Mr and Mrs Reed once again gathered around a screen, 10,000 miles away in Brisbane. This time to watch Connor’s funeral.

For a fortnight ago, having apparently made a full recovery from the virus, this 26-year-old was mysteriously found dead in his dorm at Bangor University, where he had recently begun a degree course in Chinese and linguistics.

Prevented by the travel embargo from making the 24-hour journey to Wales, his parents and siblings could only watch the moving service via a live feed from Colwyn Bay Crematorium.

‘You’d think we would have felt disconnected from Connor because we were so far away, but I didn’t feel that way at all,’ his father told me in an exclusive interview after the 30-minute service.

‘It was just nice that we were at least able to see him. Afterwards, we had a glass of wine and talked about all the incredible things he did in his life.’

Now, the family’s most pressing imperative is to discover how Connor met his death.

Shortly after 10pm on Sunday, October 25, Connor’s housemates found him collapsed on his bedroom floor. The reason for his premature death so far remains unknown.

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Canadian politician leaks new COVID lockdown plan and ‘Great Reset’ dictatorship – Australia is part of it

POWER-mad state premiers, governors and prime ministers across Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand may try to push another Dan Andrews-style second wave virus attack, as part of the Gates-Rockefeller-World Economic Forum push for global vaccination and the Agenda 21 “new normal/new economy”.

Canadian politicians in the loop of “COVID planning” have been told to their horror of a plan for a totalitarian response to an international economic collapse, involving a federal government offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) funded by the IMF under “the World Debt Reset program”.

In exchange the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever, and partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule, which would (allegedly) allow individuals unrestricted travel and living, even under a full lock down, through the use of photo ID referred to as Canada’s HealthPass.

The horrific scenario comes from a Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) whistleblower from the party’s Strategic Planning Committee, which is under the control of Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister (PMO).

He says the second wave will be hyped up with testing around the end of November.

The whistleblower warns of a “complete and total secondary lock down much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions”, which is expected to run to the end of December 2020 and early January 2021.

While pressure is mounting in Australia through the courts, at protests and from some media for lockdowns to end, the “deadly virus is stalking you” narrative is being held firmly by Labor, Green, Coalition and LNP parties, the public health bureaucracy and most media in the same ‘Five Eyes’ nations.

This narrative presents the SARS-Cov2 virus or “COVID-19” as something that must be avoided and contained at all cost, despite the widespread immunity and medical studies showing it is lethal for less than 1% (0.06%) of those who are infected.

The Canadian whistleblower’s email has been published by Canadian alt media site The Canadian Report. The deliberate leak of the information is remarkable because it is the equivalent of senior Coalition members doing the same. Canada’s Liberal Party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the equivalent of Greens-Labor and a large segment of green-left feminist Liberal Party MPs.

The Canadian PMO mirrors the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra, which is run by high-powered bureaucrats and “advised” on COVID-19 by the Prime Minister’s National Covid-19 Advisory Commission, which Scott Morrison announced on March 25, just two months into the plandemic.

We might ask why was it necessary for the PM to announce such a high powered commission so early in the piece? Clearly it was part of the process as outlined by the Event 201 players who included commission member Jane Halton, head of the Gates-funded CEPI, to steer the plandemic in their desired direction i.e. the globalist “Great Reset” plan as outlined by the World Economic Forum.

The green-left Guardian reported back on August 11 that Neville Power, the head of Commission, had been approached by “business leaders wanting the government to use the recovery from the pandemic to lock in low-emissions energy”.

According to Power, his organisation was not recommending “a green recovery per se” but had asked the government to underwrite new investment in gas pipelines as part of recommendations from a manufacturing taskforce. But as previously reported by Cairns News, this commission, has been strangely silent on Dan Andrews’ wrecking of the Victorian small business sector.

The whistleblower said he was “not happy doing this but I have to, as a Canadian and more importantly as a parent who wants a better future not only for my children but for other children as well.

“The other reason I am doing this is because roughly 30% of the committee members are not pleased with the direction this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals. They have also made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes.”

The road map and aim was set out by the PMO and is as follows (note similarities to Victoria):

– Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020.

– Rush the acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province and territory. Expected by December 2020.– Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.– Complete and total secondary lock down (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). Expected by end of December 2020 – early January 2021.– Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021.– Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.– Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1–Q2 2021.– Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021.– Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid Q2 2021.– Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021.

– Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021.

The whistleblower said committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions. “We were simply told “the World Debt Reset program will handle all of the details.

“Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset program, or the HealthPass, or the vaccination schedule, and the answer we got was very troubling.

“Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individual’s best interest to participate.

“When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer, we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities.

“Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.”

The whistleblower said the heated discussion “escalated beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed before”.

“In the end it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not, that it won’t just be Canada but in fact all nations will have similar roadmaps and agendas, that we need to take advantage of the situations before us to promote change on a grander scale for the betterment of everyone.

“The members who were opposed and ones who brought up key issues that would arise from such a thing were completely ignored. Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were simply told to just do it. All I know is that I don’t like it and I think it’s going to place Canadians into a dark future.”

Source: Cairns News

‘Covid dissident’ Violently Arrested after Backing Melbourne Anti-lockdown Protest, but told Facebook followers Not to Go

Days after a pregnant mother was arrested for “inciting” an anti-lockdown protest, Melbourne police came after a self-described “freedom fighter” who runs a Covid-19 conspiracy network. The dramatic arrest was caught on film.

James Bartolo, a former soldier, bodybuilder and a man who – in his own words – fights against the “corrupt and failed system” during the Covid-19 lockdown, livestreamed a video of himself arguing with police on his doorstep early in the morning.

The law enforcers, among them armed uniformed officers, demanded that he open the door and let them serve a search warrant for allegedly inciting an anti-lockdown protest planned for this Saturday in Melbourne. Bartolo countered by saying that he “told people not to go” on his Facebook page, but the team pushed forward and threatened to enter by force.

“You are illegally trespassing and you will be charged. If you break anything you will be prosecuted,” the man shouts from a balcony, but the lead detective seemed to be in no mood to hear the legal argumentation.

“Open the door or I’ll force it, I’m not playing a game,” he could be heard saying, just as his colleague readied a hammer to smash the door open.

As the banging at the door got louder, Bartolo run downstairs, yelling: “Hey, stop breaking my s**t!” Moments after, police made entry and tackled the man onto the ground to handcuff him.

The officers then searched Bartolo’s house, seizing a mobile phone and laptops, along with five samurai swords. He was charged with “incitement, possession of prohibited weapons and two counts of resisting police,” Victoria police revealed to the media.

The dramatic arrest, however, seems to have had little effect on Bartolo, who runs a Facebook group called ‘Conscious Truth Network.’ Hours after the standoff, he appeared live on his page, telling followers that he was “all good”and in “good spirits.” In the meantime, he cautioned the audience against attending the Saturday protest as it will be “a trap.”

Bartolo has been actively promoting the planned anti-lockdown protest at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance in recent days, but his latest video suggested the venue will be so crowded with police that no one will be able to get in.

He gained notoriety over the past months due to questioning the scale of the epidemic – which infected over 26,000 and killed close to 680 people in Australia – the efficacy of masks and the legality of lockdowns imposed. ‘Conscious Truth Network’ entries reveal that:

  • Bartolo believes the US Moon landing was faked, vaccines are harmful and the quarantine is used by elites and corporations to put further strains on people.
  • He describes himself as a “truth seeker” and “freedom fighter” who is there to “serve justice to the corrupt, twisted and sick individuals, corporations and entities.”

Bartolo’s arrest comes shortly after Zoe-Lee Buhler, an expecting mother in Ballarat, Victoria, was also handcuffed and charged with “incitement” of an illegal anti-lockdown event online. The video of her arrest, which she later described as a “kidnapping” by plainclothes men, went viral earlier this week.